I bought a new PDA yesterday.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006
I've have a Handspring Visor Edge for about three years now...well, actually longer than that come to think of it. Maybe four years. Anyway...I've had it a while & a friend starting shopping for a new PDA for herself & while helping her look I decided I wanted a new one, too. I have to admit, I'm addicted to calendars and to the desire to be the most organized person! While I do have tons of calendars (electronic and otherwise) I am NOT the most organized person in the world. Maybe a new PDA will help me achieve that!!! Ha ha!

First I had to decide what I want. I didn't want a phone or even to have it web capable...I didn't need office docs, either. I wanted personal organization (calendars, address, memo, to do, etc), MP3, photos, games, books, etc...I found all this in the Palm Zire 31, which I guess isn't being made anymore b/c if you look on the Palm Products Site it isn't even listed today. I started to get the Z22, which is new and cheap, but it didn't play music. Otherwise I really liked it.

I am anxious to get this one in and start playing with it now, though!!!