I'm beginning to rack up a lot of blogs!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Forever I just had one blog that lived at MishMish77.Blogspot.Com. Then I got MishMish.Org and moved & forever that was my only blog. Then I started my weight loss blog at MishMish.org/Jeans. Then I created Our Wedding Site (which isn't really a blog, but I created it using my publisher so it's maintained like a blog).

Then I decided I wanted to move to WP, so I set up this site to play with it...when I realized how limited it was I decided to set up PixelFrame.Org and use the full version of WP to see how much I really liked it to know if I really wanted to spend the time to move from pMachine. Well, that created problems b/c it isn't a simple move and I am scared about losing Jeans & Our Wedding site b/c WP doesn't really support multiple blogs...

So I think I have decided just to stay where I am at MishMish.Org and continue to use pMachine - though maybe I'll upgrade to Expression Engine sometime!

Anyway...that's it. I just wanted to update on this site since I took the time to set it up in the first place!!!