I've been working on this post all day,

Tuesday, January 03, 2006
but haven't been able to spend more than a minute or two on it at a time!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season - both Christmas & New Year's! We sure did...we actually had our last get together this weekend and had a great time visiting w/ everyone! We didn't make it to midnight, though! We were up early Saturday morning after arriving in East Texas around 10:00 the night before and were running around all day - visiting, fishing, helping get things ready for everyone! We had hayrides, fireworks, and a bonfire! We all had a very good time!

Everyone is back in the office today. It's actually another short week for me, though b/c we were off yesterday and Friday is my normal Friday off - so I'm just here today, Wednesday, & Thursday! WooHoo! That's good, too b/c next week is Michael's b'day and I need to get things in order for that!

I don't really make New Year's resolutions b/c honestly I don't know anyone that keeps them, but here are the resolutions that I would make IF I were making them:
1. Get more organized (work & home)
2. Don't put things off so much (I'm a procrastinator)
3. Be better about my diet & fitness (obligatory - everyone says this)
4. Get more into photography projects (I didn't do too many in 2005 even after I got my new camera)

Otherwise I will be busy with school still in 2006. I'm taking two classes this semester and hopefully two over the summer and two more in the fall - that will be put over half-way through. My MBA program is 45 hours long, which is 15 classes. I only have two behind me now, but if I take these six as I am hoping this year that will mean after 2006 I'll only have 7 more classes to go!! Man, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Even if I only took one class over the summer I would still be about half way through. And when I get into the Accouting classes I'll really only be able to take one a semester anyway, so it will slow down then. Still, though getting at least five classes done this year would be wonderful!

I also found a new toy that I want for my camera & would make photography projects so much fun - the lensbabies make such interesting pictures! I can't remember how I got to it now - from a Flickr contact I think - nonetheless I like the effects. They have a nice tutorial and gallery to browse on the site, so I added it to my wishlist!!

I've kept things I want to buy in the future on my wish list, not really asking for it to be bought for me (you can set as "Don't buy for me..."), but so that I can have a complete list of things I want to look into buying in the future. Actually, you USED to could set them as "Don't buy for me" - that option is gone I just now realized. I hadn't really been paying attention to setting that b/c I really didn't think anyone looked at the wishlist at all, but over the holidays my sisters used it when they were Christmas shopping for me so I figure I need to keep it updated now. They have a feature now that allows you to make more than one list so maybe I'll keep one for a personal shopping list and another for an actual wish list for whoever to see!

Okay...with another short week that doesn't leave me much time this week so I better get to it!