Yawn...I can't catch up on my sleep.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005
Michael picked me up yesterday at the airport and as soon as I got unpacked and settled we went to bed. I was asleep immediately, but I still don't feel rested this morning and I have so much work to do!

Tonight we have to move furniture, too b/c Friday we are getting the new carpet installed! Yay! And I also got some good news that I failed to share yesterday! My professor emailed my grades to me yesterday! I got an A in my Finance class!!!!! I was thrilled...especially after working so hard at the last minute on my research project! Now I'm out of school for a little over a month!

I am off this Friday and Monday & Michael is going to the deer lease this weekend so I am going to take advantage and Mother and I are going to try to get some Christmas shopping done. Saturday night I am also going to Elaine's birthday party! Hmmm...maybe I should buy something new to wear, too!