Friday, December 16, 2005

This week is finally coming to an end!

It's been so busy around here; I haven't any time to post or read. It's also been busy socially - there were six birthdays this week - two coworkers, my uncle, Elaine's, my niece, and my mother-in-law; three of which were on the same day! I have pictures from Elaine's birthday party that was last Saturday. Then Tuesday we all met for dinner on her actual birthday at PF Changs (YUM). Wednesday night we celebrated Michael's mother's birthday with dinner at their house and Thursday we celebrated one of my coworker's birthdays. Whew...a lot of celebrating! Today we went out for sushi just because. Another coworker and I have been trying to schedule a lunch together to go have sushi and just today were able to. It was very nice! There are still two more birthdays before the month is up - Michael's brother and his other brother's girlfriend both have birthdays this month. Oh - I guess there were actually eight birthdays b/c my neighbor and coworker both had their babies - one on the 9th and the other on the 11th, which was my niece's b'day - her 30th I believe! So, eight birthdays and two more to come that's ten - WOW. I didn't realize St. Patrick's Day was such a time to celebrate - or was it from Valentine's Day? (If you don't get it ask.)

Michael is heading out to the deer lease again this weekend. This will be the last weekend they are able to go until next season. I am going to take the opportunity to finish shopping for his Christmas presents and get them wrapped & under the tree before he comes home!

We also had come vehicle issues last weekend. The transmission in my jeep was having some hiccups so we took it in & found there were a few problems. All caused from normal wear; nothing I did! It's all been taken care of now and is guarranteed for life! Man, though, transmissions are ex-pen-sive!!!! I couldn't believe how much it was. Thank goodness we got a big bonus this Christmas - unfortunately a big percentage went to Mr. Transmission. Yeah, that was another update I didn't make. We got our Christmas bonus Monday and the higher-ups were quite, quite generous this year! Thank you very much!

I really don't think I'll stay here too much longer. I need to get all my "stacks" organized and sticky-note before I leave so I'll know what's what when I get back after ten days off!

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