Saturday, December 03, 2005

Of the six hours I've been "working" on my project

two were spent fighting w/ the computer. I had the laptop set up online in the office (yes, wireless still not working) and wanted to work on my project on the couch. So, I took it in the living room and decided to set the desktop back online. Well, we had a slight problem - don't know what. It took me two hours (when I should have been working) to get the computer going correctly. At the end of all that Norton popped up & said it had deleted a virus!!!! HUH? Anyway, it's clean now and working great!

I've got a lot more of my project done, but have been printing out articles now for the past two hours. Several of the ones I already had weren't peer reviewed. Something I should have made sure of before printing them all out and saving them. So, now I have eight more in my hand to go read through tonight. It's now 1:30 AM & my hands are hurting from typing so much on this, needless to say I'm keeping this entry short. I am turning off THIS computer now so I won't go searching for any more articles!!!!

Sweet dreams - I'll be writing still I'm sure!

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