My plan for today

Wednesday, December 21, 2005
is to get to the mall by the time it opens...two reasons: 1) to get a good parking spot and 2) to get the h$ll out as quickly as possible!!!! Last night Michael and I went to the mall near my parents and it was too, too crowded and I know the mall out here is just as congested. I only have to buy one gift and I know what I want to get so maybe if I get there early enough I won't have to fight too many people!

Everything is white outside this morning - frost on the rooftops and the ground. It's very pretty - hard to believe that it's supposed to be in the 70's in a couple days. It doesn't feel like the holidays when it's warm outside, though. I know if I lived where there was snow I probably wouldn't be saying this, but I wish our Christmas would be white like last year,! Doesn't look like that is going to happen again, though.

After I get back from the mall I need to get all our presents wrapped, too. There are a couple that are going to be a challenge b/c they are quite large! And I want to take pictures of our holiday decorations, too and tonight when we turn the lights on I'll have to take the tripod outside and get a picture of them.

Well, if I'm going to make it to the mall when it opens I need to go get in the shower...