I am freezing!

Sunday, December 18, 2005
My feet have been cold for over a week. I just can't get them warm! Michael left last night for the deer lease. I worked late & then decided to go stay the night with my parents. This morning I was up early, as I always am at my parents' house, and we sat and talked and drank our coffee. After we had breakfast mother and I went out to do some Christmas shopping. Afterwards we came back to have lunch and I finally got my Christmas cards finished and in the mail, thankfully before the mail man came so they got en route today as opposed to Monday! And during all that I was freezing!!!!

Tonight I went to a Christmas party at a coworker's house & while I wasn't too cold while I was there, the second I stepped outside I was shivering...I have the heat on, socks, houseshoes, a sweatshirt, and workout pants...and I am still fuh-reeeezing!!!! I think I turn on the fire too and put my feet up to it. Maybe that will help some!!!

The Christmas party was a lot of fun. I was tired before going so I didn't really expect to stay long, but ended up being the last one to leave at midnight. There were a brother and sister staying with my coworker and his wife and we all seemed to have a lot in common and found ourselves engrossed in convesation for the longest...the brother, sister, my coworker's wife, and me that is. While the rest went upstairs to play pool, darts, slots, and whatever we all cozied up in the den and talked!

My coworker and his wife really get into holiday decorating, too. They have five Christmas trees, each a different size with a different theme! They have asked me to come back and photograph them all before they take them down. She keeps them up a long time, though so I have a while.

Okay...I have to go put my feet in front of the fire NOW. I think my toes are getting frost bite!!!