I am almost finished Christmas shopping.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005
I still have one person left to buy for and ALL the presents still to wrap. Since I'm off this week I've done a lot, but still haven't wrapped any presents yet. That's what I plan on doing today actually. Monday my parents came over and we shopped during the day and when Michael came home we all went out to dinner and then drove through Prestonwood - it's a subdivision known for all of its lights. Yesterday I got the oil changed in my jeep and then met Michael for lunch and switched vehicles so that I could get the oil changed in the truck, too.

I haven't really got to sleep late this week. I never really do when I'm off and Michael has to work. I usually wake up with him and just lay around in the bed for a while after he leaves, but I get out of bed before 8:00 everyday. Today, though I woke up around 3:30 this morning. I don't know why - I couldn't go back to sleep either. I think it was around 5:30 when I was able to snooze again, but the alarm was set to go off not long after that anyway. After Michael left I tried again to fall back to sleep and though I dozed a little I never completely went back to sleep...and now I have a slight headache b/c of all that.

I left a messy kitchen last night b/c I was sleepy...well, actually it was just one dish. I had made stew in the slow cooker yesterday and it had soaked in the sink over night. So, this morning I got started in the kitched and got it all cleaned up before I head out. I think I know what I am going to buy for this last gift so I want to get out early just in case it ends up I have to get something else. People say this every year, but I am not waiting this long next year. I am going to shop throughout the year for people. I have enough places in our house to store gifts until the holidays!!! Will I actually do it, though - does anyone??? My mother used to, but would end up giving us things early b/c she couldn't stand to hold on to any of it!!! She was too anxious to give them to us. My sister and I are that way. I have bought things for Michael before with the intention to give it to him later and always end up giving them to him right away!!

We can't have our family gathering until Monday, but like Mother said it's Christmas when we call all get together and fellowship no matter the date on the calendar. Mother is going to have a houseful when all my siblings and nieces and nephews get there! Then our BIG family gather (which is actually more like a reunion) is going to be New Year's Eve in East Texas. We have to take a homemade gift and I still have to work on that, too!

I am going to go stand under a hot shower now and get my day going! Hope you have a great one!