How many more days till the weekend???

Tuesday, December 27, 2005
It's been so nice being off work, but now I'm back. This week and next week, though will both only be four day weeks so that isn't bad! Plus, there are a lot of people out this week so I know I won't be getting many phone calls or's really quite!

We had Christmas Saturday & Sunday w/ Michael's family and then Monday all of mother's kids came to her house (with their kids & their kids). It was the first time in a long time that mother has had all her children home at the same time! She really enjoyed it. We still have one more day of Christmas'ing, though. Saturday is our BIG family gathering in East Texas. We stay for the weekend, but everytime we go to Broaddus it's a weekend trip - the Christmas part will just be Saturday. Michael is going to hunt once more before the season is over, too.

We all got a lot of goodies over the holiday and gave a lot of goodies. My family actually checked out my wish list for the first time ever, too!!!! Very cool...

I think we've started a new tradition, too. This year after all the presents were opened my father had all the men draw straws - the stortest straw got this ugly thing! Apparently it was given to my parents' neighbors as a joke and so they passed it on to my parents as a joke. I'm anxious to see if it winds up wrapped for our get-together this weekend. I am sure if it does it will show up every year from now on!!!! It was fitting that Tommy got it since he's the newest member of our family - he married my niece this past August!