Done w/ over an hour to spare!

Thursday, December 01, 2005
Since the Fridays that I work are usually so quiet I use that time to catch up on everything in my office & get things cleaned up. Throughout the week things can get so hectic at times it looks like a hurricane came through here! So, now that I am done w/ my part of close I can clean up & get organized to start again on Monday!!!

I think I am going to use my lunch hour today to work on my research project. I've got until Tuesday to finish & as of last week I am working on a new basically I'm starting from scratch. YIKES! I've always said, though, that I work well under pressure! I have everything I need, though I just have to put it all together. I have to write up 15 abstracts over 15 different academic articles. My topic is Technology in the Classroom - don't have a clue how that relates to a graduate finance class, but I it's the last assignment I have for the class! I have an above perfect score right now. Homework & exams count for 400 points & right now I have 409. Go me!!! The project is another 300 points. I have to make at least 216 points on it (72%) to maintain an A in the class. I think I can definitely manage a C on it!!! Then I'll be finished until Spring semester - which starts January 11th - at least that's when my Wednesday night class starts. My Monday night class won't start until January 23rd b/c of MLK Day on January 16th.