Friday, December 30, 2005

Holiday Jack Balls<div style="float: center;

Holiday Jack Balls
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Dined at Jack on the way to East Texas.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

I'll admit I was skeptical...

hopeful, but still skeptical nonetheless!

I came back from being out of the office last week to find a bag full of goodies on my desk. Popcorn, crackers, peppermints, pretzels, cookies, all kinds of goodies...and this packet of hot cider mix:

I made it just now and it smelled oh so tastes delicious, too, but they are completely opposite. It smells just like a green apple jolly rancher, but tastes like a baked red apple.

Cute quiz...

You are Merino Wool.
You are Merino Wool.
You are very easygoing and sweet. People like to
keep you close because you are so softhearted.
You love to be comfortable and warm from your
head to your toes.

What kind of yarn are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

found at elaine's

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It's supposed to be busy b/c it's the end of the month

AND the end of the year - but it's also supposed to be quiet right now b/c there are so many people out of the office right now. Yesterday was alright, but today it's been a mad house around here!!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh great...another addiction!

My friend sent me this link and I fear I may not get any work done today now! I saw a display for this game last week at Borders, but didn't take the time to read about it. After I read the instructions and tried to play a round, though I knew I would be addicted. She warned me in the email, though!!!

How many more days till the weekend???

It's been so nice being off work, but now I'm back. This week and next week, though will both only be four day weeks so that isn't bad! Plus, there are a lot of people out this week so I know I won't be getting many phone calls or's really quite!

We had Christmas Saturday & Sunday w/ Michael's family and then Monday all of mother's kids came to her house (with their kids & their kids). It was the first time in a long time that mother has had all her children home at the same time! She really enjoyed it. We still have one more day of Christmas'ing, though. Saturday is our BIG family gathering in East Texas. We stay for the weekend, but everytime we go to Broaddus it's a weekend trip - the Christmas part will just be Saturday. Michael is going to hunt once more before the season is over, too.

We all got a lot of goodies over the holiday and gave a lot of goodies. My family actually checked out my wish list for the first time ever, too!!!! Very cool...

I think we've started a new tradition, too. This year after all the presents were opened my father had all the men draw straws - the stortest straw got this ugly thing! Apparently it was given to my parents' neighbors as a joke and so they passed it on to my parents as a joke. I'm anxious to see if it winds up wrapped for our get-together this weekend. I am sure if it does it will show up every year from now on!!!! It was fitting that Tommy got it since he's the newest member of our family - he married my niece this past August!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas


Friday, December 23, 2005

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Cross stitch
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First attempt at cross stitch. I thought this would be a fun holiday project.


I got a great recipe for wassail from a coworker. I bought what I needed for it last week, but didn't make it until today. It is delicious!

1 lemon peel
3 slices ginger root
1 stick cinnamon
6 cups red wine or cranberry juice
6 cups apple cider
1/2 cup sugar
2 oranges, cut into six wedges each
Whole Cloves

Put lemon peel, ginger root, and cinnamon in a coffee filter or cheese cloth and tie off. Mix liquids and sugar in a pot and add sachet; bring to a boil until sugar dissolves. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes and remove sachet.

While simmering place 3 whole cloves into each orange wedge on the peel side. Place one wedge in a cup and ladle hot wassail over. Enjoy!!

I really love the clove flavor and actually put some in another coffee filter and back into the pot - it gave the drink a great flavor, though it was actually delicious to begin with!

I ran out of wrapping paper and had to run out this morning for some and we have a couple very big gifts that are odd shaped. I couldn't wrap them and didn't have a box or bag big enough. I found the last two giant gift bags at the fourth store I went to today. It's a pretty cool bag, too. So, now everything is wrapped and under the tree ready to give out! Yay!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

That's more shopping for me!

I finished my shopping today and then leisurely shopped around for myself...hee hee! I got to the mall around 9:30 and it was already open. I should have known it would be open early for the holidays. Oh well, it still wasn't too crowded, but it wasn't long. I hit the store I had planned to buy my last gift and decided that wasn't what I wanted after all. So, I ended up having to go through the mall after all.

I did see this adorable baby at the pet store, though.

He's called a Toi Leo which is apparently the mix of a Pomeranian and a Pekingese, though I can't find any others online. Poor thing...they shave him like a lion. From the middle of his back down is bare...and the rest is as you see it. Actually, this is just what Chinook (who's a Pom mix, too) looked like when I got him, of course I didn't shave him like that. I couldn't catch him standing just right to take a picture to show his hair cut. and the place was getting too crowded to sit around and wait on him. They also had some bull terrier puppies (the Spuds McKenzie dog) in the play area. They were so playful and sweet! I had a hard time leaving the pet store.

I had to, though b/c now I didn't know what I was going to buy. I eventually found it, though. Afterwards I went out to have some lunch at Panera and saw the snow flurries. Every hour starting at 11:00 there are slow flurries outside in the court yard area! It was pretty neat. I also spent some time at the scrapbook store. I was looking for stamping stuff, but they didn't have too much, so I just bought some embossing powder - that's my new fun project! I need to get back into card making.

Well, now it's time to get my gifts wrapped...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Let it snow!

Now they are saying the temperature is going to be up in the 70's this weekend. Last year on Christmas Eve we had was so beautiful!!!

My plan for today

is to get to the mall by the time it opens...two reasons: 1) to get a good parking spot and 2) to get the h$ll out as quickly as possible!!!! Last night Michael and I went to the mall near my parents and it was too, too crowded and I know the mall out here is just as congested. I only have to buy one gift and I know what I want to get so maybe if I get there early enough I won't have to fight too many people!

Everything is white outside this morning - frost on the rooftops and the ground. It's very pretty - hard to believe that it's supposed to be in the 70's in a couple days. It doesn't feel like the holidays when it's warm outside, though. I know if I lived where there was snow I probably wouldn't be saying this, but I wish our Christmas would be white like last year,! Doesn't look like that is going to happen again, though.

After I get back from the mall I need to get all our presents wrapped, too. There are a couple that are going to be a challenge b/c they are quite large! And I want to take pictures of our holiday decorations, too and tonight when we turn the lights on I'll have to take the tripod outside and get a picture of them.

Well, if I'm going to make it to the mall when it opens I need to go get in the shower...

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am almost finished Christmas shopping.

I still have one person left to buy for and ALL the presents still to wrap. Since I'm off this week I've done a lot, but still haven't wrapped any presents yet. That's what I plan on doing today actually. Monday my parents came over and we shopped during the day and when Michael came home we all went out to dinner and then drove through Prestonwood - it's a subdivision known for all of its lights. Yesterday I got the oil changed in my jeep and then met Michael for lunch and switched vehicles so that I could get the oil changed in the truck, too.

I haven't really got to sleep late this week. I never really do when I'm off and Michael has to work. I usually wake up with him and just lay around in the bed for a while after he leaves, but I get out of bed before 8:00 everyday. Today, though I woke up around 3:30 this morning. I don't know why - I couldn't go back to sleep either. I think it was around 5:30 when I was able to snooze again, but the alarm was set to go off not long after that anyway. After Michael left I tried again to fall back to sleep and though I dozed a little I never completely went back to sleep...and now I have a slight headache b/c of all that.

I left a messy kitchen last night b/c I was sleepy...well, actually it was just one dish. I had made stew in the slow cooker yesterday and it had soaked in the sink over night. So, this morning I got started in the kitched and got it all cleaned up before I head out. I think I know what I am going to buy for this last gift so I want to get out early just in case it ends up I have to get something else. People say this every year, but I am not waiting this long next year. I am going to shop throughout the year for people. I have enough places in our house to store gifts until the holidays!!! Will I actually do it, though - does anyone??? My mother used to, but would end up giving us things early b/c she couldn't stand to hold on to any of it!!! She was too anxious to give them to us. My sister and I are that way. I have bought things for Michael before with the intention to give it to him later and always end up giving them to him right away!!

We can't have our family gathering until Monday, but like Mother said it's Christmas when we call all get together and fellowship no matter the date on the calendar. Mother is going to have a houseful when all my siblings and nieces and nephews get there! Then our BIG family gather (which is actually more like a reunion) is going to be New Year's Eve in East Texas. We have to take a homemade gift and I still have to work on that, too!

I am going to go stand under a hot shower now and get my day going! Hope you have a great one!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I am freezing!

My feet have been cold for over a week. I just can't get them warm! Michael left last night for the deer lease. I worked late & then decided to go stay the night with my parents. This morning I was up early, as I always am at my parents' house, and we sat and talked and drank our coffee. After we had breakfast mother and I went out to do some Christmas shopping. Afterwards we came back to have lunch and I finally got my Christmas cards finished and in the mail, thankfully before the mail man came so they got en route today as opposed to Monday! And during all that I was freezing!!!!

Tonight I went to a Christmas party at a coworker's house & while I wasn't too cold while I was there, the second I stepped outside I was shivering...I have the heat on, socks, houseshoes, a sweatshirt, and workout pants...and I am still fuh-reeeezing!!!! I think I turn on the fire too and put my feet up to it. Maybe that will help some!!!

The Christmas party was a lot of fun. I was tired before going so I didn't really expect to stay long, but ended up being the last one to leave at midnight. There were a brother and sister staying with my coworker and his wife and we all seemed to have a lot in common and found ourselves engrossed in convesation for the longest...the brother, sister, my coworker's wife, and me that is. While the rest went upstairs to play pool, darts, slots, and whatever we all cozied up in the den and talked!

My coworker and his wife really get into holiday decorating, too. They have five Christmas trees, each a different size with a different theme! They have asked me to come back and photograph them all before they take them down. She keeps them up a long time, though so I have a while.

Okay...I have to go put my feet in front of the fire NOW. I think my toes are getting frost bite!!!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

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I think he was getting bothered b/c I keep turning on the lights to take his picture and waking him up!

Chinook<div style="float: center; margin-left: 10px;

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My Sugar Bear

Friday, December 16, 2005

This week is finally coming to an end!

It's been so busy around here; I haven't any time to post or read. It's also been busy socially - there were six birthdays this week - two coworkers, my uncle, Elaine's, my niece, and my mother-in-law; three of which were on the same day! I have pictures from Elaine's birthday party that was last Saturday. Then Tuesday we all met for dinner on her actual birthday at PF Changs (YUM). Wednesday night we celebrated Michael's mother's birthday with dinner at their house and Thursday we celebrated one of my coworker's birthdays. Whew...a lot of celebrating! Today we went out for sushi just because. Another coworker and I have been trying to schedule a lunch together to go have sushi and just today were able to. It was very nice! There are still two more birthdays before the month is up - Michael's brother and his other brother's girlfriend both have birthdays this month. Oh - I guess there were actually eight birthdays b/c my neighbor and coworker both had their babies - one on the 9th and the other on the 11th, which was my niece's b'day - her 30th I believe! So, eight birthdays and two more to come that's ten - WOW. I didn't realize St. Patrick's Day was such a time to celebrate - or was it from Valentine's Day? (If you don't get it ask.)

Michael is heading out to the deer lease again this weekend. This will be the last weekend they are able to go until next season. I am going to take the opportunity to finish shopping for his Christmas presents and get them wrapped & under the tree before he comes home!

We also had come vehicle issues last weekend. The transmission in my jeep was having some hiccups so we took it in & found there were a few problems. All caused from normal wear; nothing I did! It's all been taken care of now and is guarranteed for life! Man, though, transmissions are ex-pen-sive!!!! I couldn't believe how much it was. Thank goodness we got a big bonus this Christmas - unfortunately a big percentage went to Mr. Transmission. Yeah, that was another update I didn't make. We got our Christmas bonus Monday and the higher-ups were quite, quite generous this year! Thank you very much!

I really don't think I'll stay here too much longer. I need to get all my "stacks" organized and sticky-note before I leave so I'll know what's what when I get back after ten days off!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Man, it's been nearly a week since I posted...

things have just been so busy around here. This is a very busy week at work, plus I've had b'day celebrations, Christmas work luncheons, and I'm trying to get ready for Christmas (I'm not even close)!

I promise to give a full update as there has been a lot going on, but it'll have to wait b/c I still have a lot of work this week. I'm off all week next week, though! Yay!!!

Friday, December 09, 2005

They're done...

and I have new carpet!!!!! Now I have to put everything back where it belongs. This is a good opportunity to rearrange a little bit! They estimated about three hours and that's exactly how long it took, too! My parents are on their way...maybe I'll get mother to help me figure out how to rearrange everything! I am so glad that all this is over with - finally!!! It's been over a month of dealing with it and I don't think I could have put up with much more!

Well, now I have to get to work putting things back in order!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I haven't had much time to update lately.

Things have just been so busy between school and work both. I am home today and will be off Monday and since this semester is over for me I'll have some time this weekend to catch up on my reads and posts alike!

This morning we're having our new carpet installed. Last night Michael and I had to move out all the furniture from the living room and dining room. Well, the big pieces are still there, but everything else is out. It looks like it did the day we were moving in...a mess!!!! I figure they can move all the big pieces into the dining room while they are working in the living room and then vice versa. All the potted plants are in the house, too. I am going to put them back on the porch this morning - that will give a little more room in here.

Well, I'll be back later with updates about their progress, but I am still in my pj's and they should be here in less than an hour so I gotta run get a shower and dressed!!!!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Yawn...I can't catch up on my sleep.

Michael picked me up yesterday at the airport and as soon as I got unpacked and settled we went to bed. I was asleep immediately, but I still don't feel rested this morning and I have so much work to do!

Tonight we have to move furniture, too b/c Friday we are getting the new carpet installed! Yay! And I also got some good news that I failed to share yesterday! My professor emailed my grades to me yesterday! I got an A in my Finance class!!!!! I was thrilled...especially after working so hard at the last minute on my research project! Now I'm out of school for a little over a month!

I am off this Friday and Monday & Michael is going to the deer lease this weekend so I am going to take advantage and Mother and I are going to try to get some Christmas shopping done. Saturday night I am also going to Elaine's birthday party! Hmmm...maybe I should buy something new to wear, too!

We're done here now...

but we're still going to be here a while. We had a 4:05 flight, but things ran over we have to wait for the next flight with available seats, which won't be until 7:30 I think. Oh well, at least we work with a great bunch of people down here!

(this was yesterday)

At the airport.

Originally uploaded by Mish Mish.

Waiting on my flight.

Flying to N.O.

Originally uploaded by Mish Mish.

Got a seat over the wing.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Oh, and someone please tell me why

my background can be seen on IE, but not on Firefox. Does it have something to do with CSS? I love CSS. I don't want to get rid of it if that's the problem, so let me know if there is a work-around!

Of the six hours I've been "working" on my project

two were spent fighting w/ the computer. I had the laptop set up online in the office (yes, wireless still not working) and wanted to work on my project on the couch. So, I took it in the living room and decided to set the desktop back online. Well, we had a slight problem - don't know what. It took me two hours (when I should have been working) to get the computer going correctly. At the end of all that Norton popped up & said it had deleted a virus!!!! HUH? Anyway, it's clean now and working great!

I've got a lot more of my project done, but have been printing out articles now for the past two hours. Several of the ones I already had weren't peer reviewed. Something I should have made sure of before printing them all out and saving them. So, now I have eight more in my hand to go read through tonight. It's now 1:30 AM & my hands are hurting from typing so much on this, needless to say I'm keeping this entry short. I am turning off THIS computer now so I won't go searching for any more articles!!!!

Sweet dreams - I'll be writing still I'm sure!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Done w/ over an hour to spare!

Since the Fridays that I work are usually so quiet I use that time to catch up on everything in my office & get things cleaned up. Throughout the week things can get so hectic at times it looks like a hurricane came through here! So, now that I am done w/ my part of close I can clean up & get organized to start again on Monday!!!

I think I am going to use my lunch hour today to work on my research project. I've got until Tuesday to finish & as of last week I am working on a new basically I'm starting from scratch. YIKES! I've always said, though, that I work well under pressure! I have everything I need, though I just have to put it all together. I have to write up 15 abstracts over 15 different academic articles. My topic is Technology in the Classroom - don't have a clue how that relates to a graduate finance class, but I it's the last assignment I have for the class! I have an above perfect score right now. Homework & exams count for 400 points & right now I have 409. Go me!!! The project is another 300 points. I have to make at least 216 points on it (72%) to maintain an A in the class. I think I can definitely manage a C on it!!! Then I'll be finished until Spring semester - which starts January 11th - at least that's when my Wednesday night class starts. My Monday night class won't start until January 23rd b/c of MLK Day on January 16th.

WooHoo!! I just got my grade.

I made 102 on my test Tuesday night!!!!!! Same grade as my last test! Hmmm...maybe I should get my MBA in Finance instead of Accounting! Nah - accounting may be harder, but I enjoy it more. It actually makes more sense to me than finance!

I haven't had much time to write this week and still don't today. Close is such a busy time around here! Since it's Friday, though about half the people are gone so the phone won't ring as much & I won't get as many emails & should get everything done quickly - actually, I don't have a choice since close is at noon today. I only have a couple things to get done before then so I am not worried about it. I had most of it done yesterday anyway.

Just wanted to share my grades!!!!