Yay! I just got a call

Friday, November 04, 2005
and the plumber is on his way! He actually called & I am glad he did b/c they had given him the wrong address. I had to give him directions to our house.

Oh...and I didn't mention it before, but Michael left last night to go to the deer lease so I am taking care of this one solo! I can handle it, no problem, but I hate to give him news like this while he's out having fun. What a damper. Maybe I'll wait until it's all taken care of to tell him so it won't spoil his weekend any.

Another Update: Well, it looks like we got lucky!! The plumber is here and after looking all over the house and all through the attic there were a lot of possibilities about the water could have been coming from. Because this closet is under the stairs, which wind down, it could have been a major job with lots of cutting to find the leak. So, he started with in the obvious place and cut a hole in the wall behind the fridge to see the pipe leading to the ice maker. I heard him sawing and just walked off and held my breath. A few moments later I heard him say, "Well, you're lucky!" and I just went "Wheeeeeeeewww!!!" The leak is exactly at the fittings to the ice maker so he is replacing all of that now & it's going to have minimal sheet rock damage behind the fridge until the other crew can get out here to repair it. Until then it won't be seen and there will be no more leaks, which is really the most important part. My carpet is still wet, but not nearly as bad as before. I have soaked up so much water with towels and the shampooer, but before there were outlined wet footprints where I would step and it isn't doing that anymore now.

I can't believe this had to happend today. It's better than if I were gone, but today of all days when I had so much planned. I ended up not getting to do any of my morning errands b/c I was waiting to hear from someone. At least Elaine and I will still be albe to do our running around this afternoon before the rest of the girls get here.