What a way to wake up!

Friday, November 04, 2005
I got up this morning & went into the hall closet to grab a cover up to take Chinook outside. When I came back and went to the closet to return my sweater there were wet footprints on the floor. At first I was a bit afraid b/c I thought someone had come in the house while I was outside then I realized the footprints were mine. I didn't think my houseshoes were that wet & after more investigation realized the water was comig from below the carpet. The carpet pad was soaked!! I walked out the area to see where else was wet. It's about a four foot area. I called the girl who handles our warrany (still within the year) and called plumbers. She came over and brought a plumber from one of the other homes being built & he determined the water was coming from my ice maker. Since he wasn't our plumber he couldn't do anything - the red tape of warranties!!!

So, he left and she and I waited on the plumbers who never called. I told her I would call her back if they didn't show up. It's been an hour and a half since I first called them. The water to the ice maker is off, so there won't be any more water and I've used my shampooer and towels to soak up as much water as I can, but I need the issue repaired...soon, too b/c I have friends coming over tonight. At least if they do come and take care of it and have to cut into the wall it's in a closet so if they can't repair the sheetrock until tomorrow or something I can shut the closet door. Hey, trying to see the positives here!!!

This is the second plumbing issue we've had here. The first was a leak in our bathroom back in January. That was right after we had moved in - about two weeks after we had moved in. I think I would have to recommend our builder quit using this plumbing company.

I just called again and left another message. This isn't as much an emergy as the one before; we can live without the ice maker, but it's still something I want taken care of as quickly as possible. Elaine is coming to meet me for lunch and we're going to a craft show & grocery shopping for tonight so I'll have to remember ice while we're out. So that's fine & since it isn't in a heavy traffic are, I won't have to make sure everyone walks around it.

Ugh...I'm just so irritated! New house...I know...gonna have kinks to work out! At least it's still under warranty!!!

Well, I guess I'll just continue on my day. My morning errands are close enough I can be home quickly if the plumbers call. I called the girl that works with the warranties...so now I'll be waiting on her to call me back and let me know what's up!


Update: She just called me back! We were paging the plumbers wrong. There were no instructions for the pager - it just beeped when you called, so I left messages!!! I haven't used a pager in years! So, he knows there is a problem and should be calling me soon! Thank goodnes...I can see resolution to my problem coming!!!