We have a beautiful new flower bed!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2005
We ended up staying in town, which was good b/c my parents flew in on Saturday from Egypt & everyone else was out of town...so we were here to pick them up from the airport!!! I am glad they are home! I've missed them these past three weeks.

Friday we started work on a new flower bed in the back yard...Saturday morning we worked a long time on it and then Sunday did the final touches to it!!! We had put in a very small bed in the corner of the back yard a while back, but it was so small we couldn't put much in it & to be honest we didn't pay it much attention either. Now we have a big nice one to work in!
We really liked the way it turned out!

Our first small bed in the back:

Our new flower bed:

You can see all the pictures here: Gardening Album

We also went to see Michael's cousin wrestle (High School) this weekend, too, but we missed his first match & before his second match we had to leave for the airport. I had never been to a wrestling match before, though so it was neat to see what all goes on. I was upset we missed him, but there are going to be a lot more matches in the future, so we'll make it to another one!

This week is going to be super busy at work - lots of deadlines to meet & on top of that we're finally getting the carpet & sheetrock repaired from the leak we had. I think our warranty girl dropped the ball on us & that's why it's taking so long. I am not very happy about that either!!!!!! Last week would have been better since I was off work both Monday & Friday & would have been home - now I'll have to take an afternoon or two off to meet the contractors at the house to get the work done. Last time we had warranty work done it was handled the day I called it in - I guess I shouldn't expect the same the second time around, huh??