Sitting at home...waiting on the carpet people!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005
The appointment I had with them was from 1:00 to 5:00. Don't you love those four hour windows they give you? So, I planned my day around that. I left early this morning to get things done and be back home by 1:00. What happens as soon as I sit down to get my nails done? The phone rings and they are at my house!!!! WTF! I had a PM appointment. This is just one of the many screw ups I've had to deal with b/c of the new warranty person I am dealing with now. It almost makes me wish that we weren't under warranty any longer - at least that way I would be calling the shots instead of the builders.

So...I did call her and let her know what happened, but of course I got her voice mail! I don't think she ever answers her phone. Forget I am just dealing with the carpet company. I've called them directly and am only dealing with them until this is done.

She rescheduled for me and said they would be here at 1:00 - it's 1:00 right now. I hope I see them in the next 30 minutes or she'll be getting yet another phone call from me. This is really getting ridiculous. It's been since the 5th that I have been dealing with this & if it isn't taken care of TODAY then I think I'll be writing a few letters and visiting a few offices to get some satisfaction. What ever happened to "The customer is always right" ?????

If the girl (and yes I mean girl b/c she sounds 12) that handles the warranty claims had got someone out here right away to take care of the wet carpet we wouldn't have to be replacing it today! At least I'll have brand new carpet after the ordeal, but this is my vacation - I didn't want all this stressful crap today. And then after all that I have to go to class tonight. I sure hope it gets taken care of before then. I don't want that on my mind while I am trying to concentrate in class!

I guess if they don't get here until late then Michael will have to deal with them while I'm at class. Oh he's going to love that. I don't have much patience for inept people, but I at least I have some...Michael doesn't have any! Ha!!!

A van just drove I hope that wasn't them. They can't be lost - they were already here once today!