Michael got a big buck this weekend!

Sunday, November 20, 2005
He called me on Saturday & said that he got an eleven point buck...at first I didn't believe him & if you know Michael you know why! He loves to get people to fall for things...and last year he called and told me about a big deer he got & after I told everyone in my family about it he told me he didn't really!!! But, this time he was absolutely telling the truth:

The rest of the pictures are in this album.

While Michael was at the deer lease this weekend I went to Broaddus to see my Grannie & other family. She ended up coming back to Houston with me and mother & is going to stay here through Thanksgiving & maybe a couple weeks beyond that. This was the first time that I got to see my sister's house since the fire. I took a lot of pictures there, too. Ever since it happened it still hadn't set in as reality; however, after walking through the remains it's a bit more real now. We found a few things while we were there that semi-survived the fire, too.

We found this tiny tea pot, too and I played around with pictures of it a bit.

After we left the "burned up house" we drove over to what used to be called the "rent house", but is now the "Broaddus house" (what the burned up house used to be called).

Yeah, all the houses have names. There has been the "Harvey Tingle house" (he built that one), the "Grandma house", the "Brick house" (where we lived when I was born), and the "white house", where my mother lived when she was little - it was torn down many years ago, though.

Anyway...my sister has been working on that house since the fire. Every year we have a family reunion/Christmas gathering at that house. No one lives there, but it has four bedroooms (I think) a big kitchen area & living area so it's great for get-togethers! Now my sister and her family will stay there when they are in East Texas. She was staining and replacing trim when we arrived.

I am off this whole week (Woo-Hoo) and have plans for almost all the days. Today I'm meeting a friend for lunch, tomorrow I am having the carpe that got wet from the leak replaced, Wednesday my mother, Grannie, aunt, and maybe my sister are coming over and we're going to spend the day in Old Towne Spring. Thursday we're having Thanksgiving at Michael's parents' house. Friday we actually don't have plans and then on Saturday mother is having Thanksgiving at her house for our family. Maybe Michael & I will go to the movies!

Oh...and one last thing! I got a new cell phone Friday. I finally got one with a camera and can post on the go now!!!!