I'm finally getting my carpet cleaned.

Thursday, November 17, 2005
It's been 11 days since the leak behind our refirgerator and I have been on the phone with our builder trying to get someone out here to take care of the carpet that got wet. Tonight the carpet cleaning company is here working on the carpet. It's going to take a while b/c they are treating the carpet tonight, cleaning it, and then it's going to need a couple days to dry out. He is going to leave a dehumidifier and a fan here to help everything dry out perfectly & said that in the case that there is any moisture in the walls (which I don't think so) it will also dry that out.

He is putting extra solution on the carpet b/c it's mostly inside the closet and with no air movement it's pretty musty smelling. He said that for mold to set it the wetness had to sit in 85° temperature for up to at least three days...so that means we aren't really at risk of any mold. Mildew maybe, but not mold.

They have pulled up all the carpet right now & treated it. I can smell the chemicals. He is going to put some of it in the hole that was cut to repair the pipe just to make sure if there is any bacteria in there it's taken care of, too. I guess after the treatment then they wash it and then it has to sit for ??? days before a new pad can be put down and the carpet resewn. He seems all about making me happy!!! He has said several times, "We're doing this, BUT if you don't like that it will be redone...we'll do this, but if it doesn't look like you want it'll be taken care of...etc. etc." I like that!!! It's my house, I don't want anything half-ass done!!! Especially when it comes to something like this!

The crew came out to repair the sheetrock today, too but didn't call like they were supposed to so I wasn't here to meet them. So, that's been rescheduled. I guess that's good b/c now he can spray this microbial solution stuff in that hole while it's still open.

Well, they just left & now I have two fans & a dehumidifier running. The joys of home-ownership!!!!! Ha!