Five days of work and only three days in the office

Thursday, November 10, 2005
sure makes it easy to be busy!!! This week was a busy week for me, but it made it go very fast...of course, having Monday & Friday off it made it really fast!!!

I registered for spring semester this week, too. I'll be taking two classes this time. I figured after not being able to take any classes over the summer I needed to double up when I could.

Here's what I'll be taking:
  • MGT 566 SEMINAR IN TEAM LEADERSHIP: A systematic review, critique and application of findings of the behavioral sciences to the understanding, prediction and management of individual and group behavior in business organizations.

  • ECO 570 ECONOMIC THEORY: An integration of micro and macro economic theory with special emphasis on how various economic policy choices may impact the national economy and the operation of business firms.

    I am anxious about the management course since for the first time in my career I am in a leadership role. Actually, I have been for almost two years now, but I have always been a little hesitant about it. Not b/c I don't want to be in management (which I do), but more about being unsure about the role itself maybe. The other accountants in my group have all had vast supervisory experience and our manager has had the role for many years I go to them a lot for advice on dealing with issues. I know that most knowledge for management is learned from actually doing rather than from a graduate course, but I still think it will be a beneficial class for me to take.

    Well, I need to get my day going. I have housework to do and grocery shopping to do today. The plumber that was here last weekend left his flashlight and is supposed to come by again today to pick it up. I told him I was only going to be home this morning so I hope they come early b/c I don't plan to sit here all day waiting on them!!!

    Speaking of our little catastrophe last weekend - I need to call the builder again today. I put in a warranty request b/c I want all the carpet and pas that got wet to be replaced & the sheetrock behind the fridge stills needs to be fixed and I haven't heard anything from them about either. Last time we had warranty work to be done it was done the same day the problem was reported...I was impressed. So far, though, this time I am not!