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Finally something went right...

for nearly one month now I've been dealing w/ issues related to the leak we had. I finally got some good news about it this morning! I had decided I was so unhappy with everything our builder had done about this that I just wanted them to come in and replace all the downstairs carpet...and they are going to do it!! Hopefully next week! The carpet is on order now & takes about five days to come in. Since I am off both next Friday & Monday we're going to have it done then. The new warranty rep we've been dealing with hasn't made me very happy through all of this & she definitely knows it...this sure helps make up for the lack of professionalism & courtesy during this ordeal! carpet!!! I can't wait! Of course, I'll be vacuuming up new carpet fuzzies again for a while, but it's definitely worth it!

I am sure everyone will agree

it was hard to wake up for work this morning after the holiday...especially since I was off the whole week. I haven't been sleeping late realy, it was just knowing I didn't have a choice this morning I guess that made it hard to get up!!!

I hope you all had a great holiday. Ours was nice. Too much food of course, as usual!

I have a lot of work to get done this week, but since it's been almost a week since my last post I wanted to say hello & welcome everyone back from the holiday!

Sitting at home...waiting on the carpet people!

The appointment I had with them was from 1:00 to 5:00. Don't you love those four hour windows they give you? So, I planned my day around that. I left early this morning to get things done and be back home by 1:00. What happens as soon as I sit down to get my nails done? The phone rings and they are at my house!!!! WTF! I had a PM appointment. This is just one of the many screw ups I've had to deal with b/c of the new warranty person I am dealing with now. It almost makes me wish that we weren't under warranty any longer - at least that way I would be calling the shots instead of the builders.

So...I did call her and let her know what happened, but of course I got her voice mail! I don't think she ever answers her phone. Forget I am just dealing with the carpet company. I've called them directly and am only dealing with them until this is done.

She rescheduled for me and said they would be here at 1:00 - it's 1:00 right now. I hope I see them in the nex…

Michael got a big buck this weekend!

He called me on Saturday & said that he got an eleven point first I didn't believe him & if you know Michael you know why! He loves to get people to fall for things...and last year he called and told me about a big deer he got & after I told everyone in my family about it he told me he didn't really!!! But, this time he was absolutely telling the truth:

The rest of the pictures are in this album.

While Michael was at the deer lease this weekend I went to Broaddus to see my Grannie & other family. She ended up coming back to Houston with me and mother & is going to stay here through Thanksgiving & maybe a couple weeks beyond that. This was the first time that I got to see my sister's house since the fire. I took a lot of pictures there, too. Ever since it happened it still hadn't set in as reality; however, after walking through the remains it's a bit more real now. We found a few things while we were there that semi-survived the fire…

I'm finally getting my carpet cleaned.

It's been 11 days since the leak behind our refirgerator and I have been on the phone with our builder trying to get someone out here to take care of the carpet that got wet. Tonight the carpet cleaning company is here working on the carpet. It's going to take a while b/c they are treating the carpet tonight, cleaning it, and then it's going to need a couple days to dry out. He is going to leave a dehumidifier and a fan here to help everything dry out perfectly & said that in the case that there is any moisture in the walls (which I don't think so) it will also dry that out.

He is putting extra solution on the carpet b/c it's mostly inside the closet and with no air movement it's pretty musty smelling. He said that for mold to set it the wetness had to sit in 85° temperature for up to at least three that means we aren't really at risk of any mold. Mildew maybe, but not mold.

They have pulled up all the carpet right now & treated it. I can s…

I am a Financial Wizard!!!

At least I am when it comes to Finance 531 anyway...I made 102 on my exam last week!!!!!

I didn't even know there were bonus questions to be honest. I even beat Mr. Genius that sits next to me! He outscored me on the last test by about 9 points...he made 101 this time. I didn't beat him by as much, but I still beat him!! Hee hee!!! With that score & my homework (I have perfect scores on all my homework) I am sure to get an A for this semester - depending on how well my research goes.

I have to do a research project & to be honest it isn't going that great. I have two topics I am working on b/c I really don't know which way I want to go with it & neither are great topics. I asked my professor if I could use something from my work, but he said no - that he preferred I stick with one of the two I had already started researching. **sigh** Oh least I have it started. I overheard one of my classmates last night saying they hadn't started at all. Other…

We have a beautiful new flower bed!!!

We ended up staying in town, which was good b/c my parents flew in on Saturday from Egypt & everyone else was out of we were here to pick them up from the airport!!! I am glad they are home! I've missed them these past three weeks.

Friday we started work on a new flower bed in the back yard...Saturday morning we worked a long time on it and then Sunday did the final touches to it!!! We had put in a very small bed in the corner of the back yard a while back, but it was so small we couldn't put much in it & to be honest we didn't pay it much attention either. Now we have a big nice one to work in!
We really liked the way it turned out!

Our first small bed in the back:

Our new flower bed:

You can see all the pictures here: Gardening Album

We also went to see Michael's cousin wrestle (High School) this weekend, too, but we missed his first match & before his second match we had to leave for the airport. I had never been to a wrestling match before, though…

A belated birthday wish...

yesterday was a very special birthday!!!


I wanted to find out about the necklace worn by Olivia

on my favorite show: Law & Order: SVU so I did a search for it on Eventually I found Mariska Hargitay's official website. The necklace she wears on every episiode is from the organization she founded called The Joyful Heart Foundation.

It's pretty amazing actually. A quote from her site: Mariska says, "After taking the role of Detective Olivia Benson on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, I began to realize that the effects of an assault linger long after the bruises have healed.

So I became a trained victim's advocate through the Mt. Sinai Sexual Assault & Violence Intervention (SAVI) Program and started to speak out and help raise awareness surrounding the issues of sexual assault and domestic violence. "

I've been perusing her site & she's a pretty neat person it seems in her personal life off-screen. Very creative and inspirational.

Anyway, I just thought this was worth sharing...and definitely makes me glad that I decid…

I think I am ready for a nap.

I got up this morning at my normal time even though I didn't have to go to work and have been on the go ever since. I did housework this morning and then headed over to the nursery. I was there for over an hour and bought several more plants for the back yard. Yesterday I met Michael at the nursery after work and we bought a few then, too. I don't think we need any more plants for the back!!!

Afterwards, I met Elaine, Kathy, & Christine for lunch. I have lost my sun glasses & the overcast day was starting to get to me so I was glad to be indoors. The first think Elaine asked me was if I had a headache. It's isn't a terrible one, but enough that I would just rather stay inside with the shades drawn. After lunch I went grocery shopping and then decided to get some bubble tea on the way home. The lady that works at Tapioca Paradise (the only place on this side of town I've seen for Bubble Tea) is very nice and we always chat a bit. I ordered my usual Thai Tea a…

Five days of work and only three days in the office

sure makes it easy to be busy!!! This week was a busy week for me, but it made it go very fast...of course, having Monday & Friday off it made it really fast!!!

I registered for spring semester this week, too. I'll be taking two classes this time. I figured after not being able to take any classes over the summer I needed to double up when I could.

Here's what I'll be taking:
MGT 566 SEMINAR IN TEAM LEADERSHIP: A systematic review, critique and application of findings of the behavioral sciences to the understanding, prediction and management of individual and group behavior in business organizations.

ECO 570 ECONOMIC THEORY: An integration of micro and macro economic theory with special emphasis on how various economic policy choices may impact the national economy and the operation of business firms.

I am anxious about the management course since for the first time in my career I am in a leadership role. Actually, I have been for almost two years now, but I have always b…

It's back to work,

but at least it's a short week for me - Monday off & Friday is my regular Friday off!!! I had such a wonderful weekend & so did Michael. Between him & his brothers & dad they shot five deer. Two bucks & three does. I don't think they have brought home that many at one time!!! He's going to try again this weekend in East Texas, too.

I spent all day yesterday studying for tonight's test. I wish this one had been take home as well. Those are so much less stressful! Tonight's test is also going to determine if the next one is take home or not as well as if we're going to have a mandatory final. We have a syllabus, but it's all tentative in relation to how the class is doing. His philosophy is if the grades aren't there you don't go forward, you stay there until it's understood! Which is a great philosohpy I think & actually everyone did really well on the last test & so far very well on all homework, too. I have an A in t…

Okay...well, what do you want me to do about it!

I am getting really tired of getting a phone call from my neighbor every single time the dogs bark. They are dogs. They bark. There is nothing that I can do about it!

I was already awake...sort of...b/c Michael had called me early this morning, but then I got another call from the neighbor behind our house to let me know that the landscapers were in her backyard & that the dogs were barking. I could hear the dogs barking. They were outside my window afterall. I answered the phone w/ "I'm home...and I'll put them up." I put the dogs in the dog run, which puts them two houses away from this particular neighbor. I am literally at my wits end about this. She is incredibly sweet, which makes it even harder. If she weren't it would be a lot easier for me to say, "Look lady, they are dogs. Dogs bark & just b/c you give me a phone call every single time they do bark isn't going to change that fact of nature." I think she is hearing my irritation more…

I have a lack of sleep hangover...

I think it was around 4:00 AM when I went to sleep this morning & then was up again at 8:00. We've all vegged around the house since then all sleeping for a bit then waking up and watching some television. Elaine, Kathy, and Kymberlie were the last to leave and they all left about fifteen minutes ago. I've picked up and done the dishes, but I don't think I am going to do any more today. I have to study for my test on Tuesday. Now I'm really glad that I have tomorrow off b/c I know my brain won't retain much today with the lack of sleep!!

I had a really great time, though and I am so glad everyone came out!! We watched Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Kissing Jessica Stein, which Sherry brought b/c EJ recommended it!! He's going to be our new chick flick critic!!! It was a great movie. Actually, both of them were!

And for and update about our leak...well, the carpet & pad are still so wet. I've soaked up as much as I can, but I think I am going t…

Yay! I just got a call

and the plumber is on his way! He actually called & I am glad he did b/c they had given him the wrong address. I had to give him directions to our house.

Oh...and I didn't mention it before, but Michael left last night to go to the deer lease so I am taking care of this one solo! I can handle it, no problem, but I hate to give him news like this while he's out having fun. What a damper. Maybe I'll wait until it's all taken care of to tell him so it won't spoil his weekend any.

Another Update: Well, it looks like we got lucky!! The plumber is here and after looking all over the house and all through the attic there were a lot of possibilities about the water could have been coming from. Because this closet is under the stairs, which wind down, it could have been a major job with lots of cutting to find the leak. So, he started with in the obvious place and cut a hole in the wall behind the fridge to see the pipe leading to the ice maker. I heard him sawing and ju…

What a way to wake up!

I got up this morning & went into the hall closet to grab a cover up to take Chinook outside. When I came back and went to the closet to return my sweater there were wet footprints on the floor. At first I was a bit afraid b/c I thought someone had come in the house while I was outside then I realized the footprints were mine. I didn't think my houseshoes were that wet & after more investigation realized the water was comig from below the carpet. The carpet pad was soaked!! I walked out the area to see where else was wet. It's about a four foot area. I called the girl who handles our warrany (still within the year) and called plumbers. She came over and brought a plumber from one of the other homes being built & he determined the water was coming from my ice maker. Since he wasn't our plumber he couldn't do anything - the red tape of warranties!!!

So, he left and she and I waited on the plumbers who never called. I told her I would call her back if they did…