Well, they are over the big blue ocean now...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005
or at least they should be. I haven't heard from them yet. My parents left yesterday afternoon to go to Egypt for three weeks. Their flight was scheduled to land at 2:00 Egypt time, which was three minutes ago. I expect to hear from them sometime this morning, though - at least and email.

Yesterday before class I bought a mic for my computer here at work so we can voice chat via Google Talk while they are over there. It's a cheapone so I hope it works. If not I guess we'll have to do it the old fashion way and text chat or make international calls.

Also, Chinook's other friend has passed on. Saturday my parents' neighbors had to put their dog to sleep. She was Chinook's girlfriend - a sweet black schnauzer named Gabby. They were like real children; the neighbors would come over and ask if Chinook could come over to play with Gabby or vice versa & when they were outside they immediately ran over to the other house to play. Gabby had a cancer that couldn't be taken care of & was only getting worse. They buried here next to Scarlett in my parents' backyard.

When I posted about Scarlett I never put up a picture so I thought I would post one today.