Time to tone up!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
My co-worker & I went down to the gym during lunch today. I ran a mile, did abs, & arms. I know I need to ramp up my cardio b/c I have been at the same weight for about three weeks now...still at 49% of my goal.

I need to set a new exercise goal. Since the Commit to Get Fit Program is over I haven't had a set of "rules" to follow. It really should be a way of life...not a "program" you follow & in all honesty that's what I did as far as nutrition & diet, though recently I have not been drinking enough water (and I can really tell) & I have been having sweets where before I was totally obstaining from refined sugars. I know I don't need to cut them out 100% b/c that's when you end up binging on little debbies, but my sweet tooth is back where before I never wanted it. I think eating fruit has a lot to do with it actually. When I was eating more fruit that pacified my sweet cravings & I haven't been having enough fruit lately. But as far as the fitness side I was following rules & trying to meet goals. I didn't make it part of my life like I should have...like it used to be.

Today felt good, though. We worked out hard & sweat a lot!!! Actually, the shower afterwards is what felt really good!