That's a familiar smell!!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005
The heater in the office just kicked on for the first time. It's 62° outside today & rainy & gray! It's was cooler over the weekend, but the skies were gorgeous, not like today. I am glad they turned off the air, though I was getting too cold in here!!!

We (Michael, me, Steven, & Jamie) went camping this weekend at Lake Texana. It was so beautiful and we had a great time. There were deer everywhere & they were so tame...and then at night racoons came to visit as well!!!! I took a ton of pictures & tried to take one of one of the many raccoons that came to visit, but it didn't turn out too well in the dark obviously & I wasn't about to try to get any closer to it!!! They were mean to one another so I can imagine what they would have done to me!

We came home pretty early Sunday morning & though it was beautiful outside I spent the rest of the day in the house. I didn't feel well at all. I think most of it had to do with all the junk I ate Saturday. We had burgers & such, but we also took a lot of junk food - chips & such that my stomach isn't so used to. It let me know on Sunday that it wasn't happy with me & eventually I ended up with another headache. The pain wasn't as bad as it usually is, but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I slept on the way home, then slept a while on the couch, decided to sit in the tub for a while & ended up sleeping there, then back to the couch to sleep some more. It was about six yesterday evening before I was really awake & then a few hours later ready to go back to bed. I was afraid I would be awake all night, but nope, I was asleep (again) as soon as my head hit the pillow. Sheesh!

There was a lot of TV watched yesterday, too. Football games starting at noon & then the Astros game, which we thought we had missed until we saw that it had gone into extra innings...9 extra innings to be exact. They played a whole other game before it was over with!! Then I watched, Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy while Michael finished watching the football games upstairs.

School resumes tomorrow for me. Because of professor absenses & Hurricane Rita we've missed the last three weeks of class & all of our tests have now become take home so we don't use remaining class time. It's almost been like a break except for the amount of homework we had to begin with!!