Product Pimping!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Okay...I'm sold!!! The Works REALLY works! I used this on the soap scum in my wiped off like nothing. My shower looks brand new again w/out me spending an hour scrubbing & inhaling bleach - I use bleach everywhere to clean. I even used The Works yesterday on a copper bottom pot that was turning dark and before I even put my rag to the pot it was shiny like a new copper penny!!! I wouldn't recommend using this As soon as I use up all the other products under my kitchen sink they are all going to be replaced with The Works product line!!

Okay...that's enough of that!

I got a WP invitation yesterday & set up a WP Blog. I had been thinking about migrating over to WP from pMachine & wanted to play around with it to see if I liked it or not. This version, though, is still in beta & there are limits. You cannot modify the code of this version of WP at all, which I don't like b/c I'm in mine all the time w/ pMachine. This version, so far, is a lot like Blogger. Actually there is a post comparing the two.

I have been working on this post since about seven, but I keep getting interupted by work and losing my train of thought! Sheesh! ;)

Back to WP - I do like the ability to password protect, but I figure if I don't want people to read something then I just don't publish it. I also like the support that's out there for WP. pMachine isn't as widely used I guess so there isn't as much available, but I haven't really lacked for anything either so it isn't a big enough issue to switch.

Either way, I am happy with my blog the way it is currently - I just wanted to check out the cyber-bandwagon to see if I should jump on! So, I'll play with my WP blog a bit & let you know what I think!