Our family is growing!

Monday, October 24, 2005
I found out yesterday morning that my niece is going to have another baby!!! So, Miss Abigail is now going to be a big sister! I think my niece is guessing on about a late June baby; though she hasn't been to the doctor yet. She's just had a home pregnancy test & is guessing so we'll have it official later! Congrats Hailey & Steve...and of course, Abigail's Nana ~ I know she is very excited, too!

As for the rest of the weekend, I had a really nice weekend. Friday, as I mentioned I had a great time with Elaine & Kathy. Saturday I got up at 9:30, despite the fact that I didn't get to sleep until 5:00 AM!!! Ugh, I was so tired - but once I woke up I couldn't go back to sleep & I didn't stop all day. I went to my parents' house & visited with my sister who had come over for coffee. After she left mother & I were off to run errands. They are leaving for Egypt tomorrow & she had a few things to shop for and so did I! We were gone all afternoon & had a wonderful time together.

That evening my sister came back & we did a makeover on her & then stamped the rest of the evening. (I didn't get any pictures of our work yet...) We made coasters (stamped on tiles & put a cork backing on them) and then I started getting stamp crazy & decorated some of mother's trivets that my uncle had made from tiles & some glass containers that she had. We had a good time...until about 10:30 then we all started getting pretty tired. My sister went home & mother and I went upstairs to watch SVU - I've got her into it now! She made it through one episode & decided to call it a night, even though I was so tired, I ended up watching the 2nd one that came on while talking to Dennon until 1:00 AM - at that time I HAD to go to sleep!!

Sunday I was up at 8:00 (late nights & early mornings aren't good for you). I went to church w/ mom & dad, then we went out for lunch, and when we came home mother altered so jeans for me that were too long. My too late nights caught up with me b/c I laid my head down on the sewing machine table and fell asleep. I decided my bed would be more comfortable, so I crawled under the covers & was out!!! I don't know how long I really slept, but I needed it. Chinook came & snuggled up with me. When I am there, he doesn't leave my side. He's actually home with us now while my parents are in Egypt. I was later than usual this morning b/c I had to take him out. I have to get my routine down again now that he's with me.

It was cold this morning when I went outside. I love it!!! The thermometer said 50° when I got in the truck...I think the high today was in the 80's...but it's going to start dropping now! I can't wait!