My sister just sent me pictures from the fire.

Sunday, October 16, 2005
It's hard to believe this is what's left of the house. The picture I posted previously is from the pond looking up at the front of the house...this picture (the after picture) is from the driveway, which is to the left of the house.

before after

I told my sister it wasn't that real until I saw the photos & to be honest it still isn't. It's just hard to believe it isn't there anymore. Over the years they had done a lot of remodeling to this house. My sister had a new kitchen (result of the fire I mentioned before) & new bathroom, new utility room, and remodeled the breakfast room. They built a huge deck (which is still there and fine), put down new floors, & did lots and lots of painting. The driveway was also a nice new addition & it's still fine as well.