More birthday stuff!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005
First...Happy Birthday today to Kathy!!! Go tell her to have a wonderful day!!!

Aslo for me. Last night we went to my parents' I thought just to have dinner...turns out it was my b'day dinner. I haven't seen any of my family except my parents since way before my birthday so since we were coming over mother called everyone & planned a little surprise! Thanks so much!! My sister's in-laws were there, too b/c they have all had to evacuate b/c of Rita. Her husband's brother & sister and their spouses. My sisters gave me a great wreath stand that I had never seen before & a beautiful fall wreath, too! And my niece gave me a candle warmer & a Sandalwood candle for it...Sandalwood is great for migraine sufferers by the way! My parents also gave me and Michael an anniversary card since Sunday was our first anniversary. (Had I mentioned before that we just celebrated our first anniversary!?!?!? hehehe)

And this morning I had a nice surprise. I got to talk to one of my cousins in Egypt. We email, but this morning got to chat on Messenger for the first time! She is preparing for her wedding in November so she is pretty busy these days as you can imagine!

Now it's time to get to work! I think today is going to be a busy day!!