Jeans is two years old...

Thursday, October 06, 2005
I saw that my past post for two years ago on my personal blog was the announcement that I had created Jeans. I actually put up the first post here before that day, though and have a link to it on the Jeans sidebar b/c it's there that I talk about why I started this blog.

And what better day to say Happy Blogaversary to Jeans that with more weight loss! It's only a pound, but yesterday when I went down to work out I weighed and saw the scale said I had lost another pound! Yay...more cardio = more progress! I had been stuck for about three weeks & now that I am ramping up the cardio I hope to see more progress!! So that puts me right at the half way mark to my goal! I'm 50% there & it took me about five months to get here! That isn't bad considering how long it took to put on all the weight. If I lost it too fast it might not stay off!! Hopefully, slowly and surely will keep the weight off!!! Jeans has helped a lot b/c it keeps me accountable & that makes me want to keep working!