I'm loving this cooler weather!

Sunday, October 30, 2005
Michael & I have started riding bicycles! I love it now that the weather outside is cooler. The hot muggy days make my head hurt too much, but like it is now I don't mind being out in the weather! It is so nice & riding is good exercise. I do have to get used to the seat, though. Right now it really hurts! And I still need to raise my handle bars some b/c I lean over too much to be completely comfortable, but we have fun and it's exercise and we can do it together!

I haven't weighed in a couple weeks so I don't know where I am on the scales right now. Everything is still fitting very well, though so I am guessing I haven't changed. Which is good, but not good b/c I am still only half way to my goal weight. I need to get off this plateau and I am hoping that riding bicycles will help. It's a good cardio workout and when I get my bike set up the way I want and get used to the seat (OUCH) I will be able to ride longer and longer and get a better workout each time!

Monday I need to go downstairs and see if I am still at the same weight. I'll update when I do!