I have a new search engine!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005
A while back I had to call CSC (Customer Support Center) for a problem I was having on my computer here at work. I was getting an error message I had never seen before. The IT person that answered the phone is one I know pretty well. He's good; he always helps me with issues & he knows what he is doing...not like some of the others that answer & have to put me on hold to go find him!!!

So, after he solves my problem he proceeds to tell me how he figured it out! I have done searches on error messages before & come to find out that's just what he did, too only he used A9.Com - it's from Amazon. It's got pretty neat tools to aid in web searching & in recalling web searches as well! I've always preferred Google & was using Blingo under the promise of winning prizes (which I never do), but I think A9 is going to be my new search engine of choice now! It also will show multiple search media at once - one column for web, one for images, one for blogs, and so on and so forth! Go check it out, if you hadn't already, I think you'll like it, too!