I had a very full day!

Saturday, October 22, 2005
Michael and I took 1/2 days today since he was going out of town tonight (fishing trip). So, we met at home around noon and then had a nice lunch together. Afterwards we went to Lowes and bought some flowers: snapdragons,l petunias, and a mum. We also about a chelf for the utility room & dirt...when we got home we put all our new flowers in the ground and gave them a good drink before Michael had to leave.

Ater he left I went to a local camera store. I was looking for a new camera bag & wanted information about some other products. I ended up leaving with a wireless remote!! I have been wanting one for a while and they were the same price as the non-wireless remote! I was so excited to get it!!! After the camera store I ran by Target for a couple things, then back home to get ready and run out the door to Elaine's. Kathy arrived shortly after I did. We hung around for a bit while Elaine got ready. I also played around with a blonde wig Elaine has for costumes - LOL!!!

When we were all ready we loaded up to have tapas at Mi Luna (there is now one near my house - Yay!!). It was yummy! I haven't had tapas in a while & thoroughly enjoyed the dinner! When we were stuffed we went to Tapioca Express for bubble tea. There is also a Tapioca place near my house now, too and I actually had one before I left to meet Elaine & Kathy - I didn't know we were going to stop for tapioca, but they were both delicious!! From there our next stop was Onion Creek. We found a nice table outside to sit with our drinks (stiff ones, too - I drank Cranberry juice!!!) and talked so much I was shocked when Elaine said it was after 1:00 AM!!! I couldn't believe it. It didn't feel late at all...and it still doesn't. It's 4:08 and I am still awake - must be all the bubble tea!!!!

I did have a great time tonight visiting with Kathy & Elaine and am anxious to do it again! Tomorrow I am going to my parents' house. I am going to go shopping with my mother for stuff bfore they head off to Egypt again & make some coaster (stamping tiles) with my sister.

Well, I guess I will post the blonde pictures, too!! They were quite interesting!!!

click for larger image...

click for larger image...

What do you think? Could I make it as a blonde? What if I dyed my eyebrows???

Good-night...er, morning! I have to try to get some sleep now!!!