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How disappointing.

I was so looking forward to having trick or treaters last night & we didn't have any b/c of the weather. It was so wet & rainy no one came out & now I have a big cauldron full of candy to eat. I'll probably bring most of it to work actually.

This was our first Halloween in the house & I figured we would have a lot of trick or treaters. We had a few in the apartment, but I figured now that we were living in suburbia we would see lots of kiddos dressed up. Why did it have to rain last night. It's been beautiful outside every day & it's beautiful today again. I know we needed it, but phooey. The one day that wasn't nice just HAD to be Halloween night, huh?

Oh well, there is always next year I guess.

Chatting across the ocean!

I love Google Talk...I didn't have a mic on my computer at work, but when my parents left for Egypt I bought one so that we could talk while they were gone! I just got off the phone computer with them! It sounds like they are just across town talking to me!

Daddy is going to teach my uncles how to use it so that they can all talk to one another when daddy comes home & won't have to spend so much money on international calls from now on. They don't use the computer much & everytime daddy goes to visit he ends up teaching them something new to do that we do everyday here! Being so far away emails & chatting & blogs & such are a wonderful way to keep in touch with family, but if they don't know how to use it benefit is limited. They are learning, though!



I'm loving this cooler weather!

Michael & I have started riding bicycles! I love it now that the weather outside is cooler. The hot muggy days make my head hurt too much, but like it is now I don't mind being out in the weather! It is so nice & riding is good exercise. I do have to get used to the seat, though. Right now it really hurts! And I still need to raise my handle bars some b/c I lean over too much to be completely comfortable, but we have fun and it's exercise and we can do it together!

I haven't weighed in a couple weeks so I don't know where I am on the scales right now. Everything is still fitting very well, though so I am guessing I haven't changed. Which is good, but not good b/c I am still only half way to my goal weight. I need to get off this plateau and I am hoping that riding bicycles will help. It's a good cardio workout and when I get my bike set up the way I want and get used to the seat (OUCH) I will be able to ride longer and longer and get a better workout ea…

Why are kids so resistant to their parents' teaching?

Over the years my mother has tried to teach me "life"! And over the years much of it I have been so resistant to. I have a lot of my father's personality in me which is determined, somewhat stubborn, and for lack of a better word prideful b/c I want my way. I don't consider these bad traits b/c I think my father is great, but they are different traits from my mother's & what she has tried to teach me!

Mother has to be one of the most considerate women in the world...along with my Grannie. They would both walk 10,000 miles out of their way so as not to inconvenience a stranger so you can imagine what lengths they go to for those they love!

Some Friday fun...

I know today is Thursday, but it's MY Friday since I don't have to come to work tomorrow!!!

My blog is worth $31,049.70.
How much is your blog worth?

found at Kimberly's

Well, they are over the big blue ocean now...

or at least they should be. I haven't heard from them yet. My parents left yesterday afternoon to go to Egypt for three weeks. Their flight was scheduled to land at 2:00 Egypt time, which was three minutes ago. I expect to hear from them sometime this morning, though - at least and email.

Yesterday before class I bought a mic for my computer here at work so we can voice chat via Google Talk while they are over there. It's a cheapone so I hope it works. If not I guess we'll have to do it the old fashion way and text chat or make international calls.

Also, Chinook's other friend has passed on. Saturday my parents' neighbors had to put their dog to sleep. She was Chinook's girlfriend - a sweet black schnauzer named Gabby. They were like real children; the neighbors would come over and ask if Chinook could come over to play with Gabby or vice versa & when they were outside they immediately ran over to the other house to play. Gabby had a cancer that couldn'…

Our family is growing!

I found out yesterday morning that my niece is going to have another baby!!! So, Miss Abigail is now going to be a big sister! I think my niece is guessing on about a late June baby; though she hasn't been to the doctor yet. She's just had a home pregnancy test & is guessing so we'll have it official later! Congrats Hailey & Steve...and of course, Abigail's Nana ~ I know she is very excited, too!

As for the rest of the weekend, I had a really nice weekend. Friday, as I mentioned I had a great time with Elaine & Kathy. Saturday I got up at 9:30, despite the fact that I didn't get to sleep until 5:00 AM!!! Ugh, I was so tired - but once I woke up I couldn't go back to sleep & I didn't stop all day. I went to my parents' house & visited with my sister who had come over for coffee. After she left mother & I were off to run errands. They are leaving for Egypt tomorrow & she had a few things to shop for and so did I! We were gone al…

I had a very full day!

Michael and I took 1/2 days today since he was going out of town tonight (fishing trip). So, we met at home around noon and then had a nice lunch together. Afterwards we went to Lowes and bought some flowers: snapdragons,l petunias, and a mum. We also about a chelf for the utility room & dirt...when we got home we put all our new flowers in the ground and gave them a good drink before Michael had to leave.

Ater he left I went to a local camera store. I was looking for a new camera bag & wanted information about some other products. I ended up leaving with a wireless remote!! I have been wanting one for a while and they were the same price as the non-wireless remote! I was so excited to get it!!! After the camera store I ran by Target for a couple things, then back home to get ready and run out the door to Elaine's. Kathy arrived shortly after I did. We hung around for a bit while Elaine got ready. I also played around with a blonde wig Elaine has for costumes - LOL!!!



What a great game!!! The only regret is they didn't win it here in Houston, but from the looks of the crowds on TV no one knows the difference!!! Michael has already left to go to Academy to buy shirts & he said they are all partying out there!! AWESOME!!!

I am thrilled they won! I was starting to fall asleep during the 8th, but was wide awake for the 9th! I can't wait to start the World Series!!!!!



One more strike & we're there!!! Oh no, wait...Eckstein got on base, then Edmonds walked, & that set it all up for a 5 to 4 victory for St. Louis when Pujols hit a homerun to bring them all in. So, we're going back to St. Louis for game 5.

I was stunned last night. I mean, we were one strike away from making history & on homefield; I just hope it isn't St. Louis making history by coming back from a 3 to 1 series to win it all. The momentum isn't going to be there in St. Louis like it was at Minute Maid last night before Eckstein got on base. Michael kept shaking his head all night after that saying, "I can't believe that just happened!!"

I hope they hold it together & win the next one. I do not want to watch a game 7!

Still supportin' ya Stros!!! Still love ya Biggio!!!

Bad news from this weekend.

My sister's house burned down this weekend. While it wasn't their primary residence (they live here in Houston), it is the house my nieces and nephew grew up in. It was built by my brother-in-law's sister and her husband years ago (I'll have to find that out exactly) who passed away from cancer. It was sold and out of the family for a bit, then my sister & her husband bought it back when they moved home in 1986. They lived there until all the kids were out of High School and then started a business here in Houston so they bought out here, but this house was where we everyone went back to. It was completely furnished & had a lot of things stored up there from each of the kids while they were growing up as well as things like their grand-father's gun, some antiques, a piano, & many quilts hand-sewn my my grannie, mother, sister, or other family members. My niece also had her cedar chest there w/ things she wanted to keep from her childhood as well as some…

My sister just sent me pictures from the fire.

It's hard to believe this is what's left of the house. The picture I posted previously is from the pond looking up at the front of the house...this picture (the after picture) is from the driveway, which is to the left of the house.

I told my sister it wasn't that real until I saw the photos & to be honest it still isn't. It's just hard to believe it isn't there anymore. Over the years they had done a lot of remodeling to this house. My sister had a new kitchen (result of the fire I mentioned before) & new bathroom, new utility room, and remodeled the breakfast room. They built a huge deck (which is still there and fine), put down new floors, & did lots and lots of painting. The driveway was also a nice new addition & it's still fine as well.

Still b'day partying...

last night mother had dinner for my sister's b'day, which was on Tuesday. I think her best present though was playing with Ms. Gianna!!!

Happy Birthday (belated) Sis!!

This was a cute picture of Gianna that I thought I would share this morning!

I have a new search engine!

A while back I had to call CSC (Customer Support Center) for a problem I was having on my computer here at work. I was getting an error message I had never seen before. The IT person that answered the phone is one I know pretty well. He's good; he always helps me with issues & he knows what he is doing...not like some of the others that answer & have to put me on hold to go find him!!!

So, after he solves my problem he proceeds to tell me how he figured it out! I have done searches on error messages before & come to find out that's just what he did, too only he used A9.Com - it's from Amazon. It's got pretty neat tools to aid in web searching & in recalling web searches as well! I've always preferred Google & was using Blingo under the promise of winning prizes (which I never do), but I think A9 is going to be my new search engine of choice now! It also will show multiple search media at once - one column for web, one for images, one for blogs, …

That's a familiar smell!!!

The heater in the office just kicked on for the first time. It's 62° outside today & rainy & gray! It's was cooler over the weekend, but the skies were gorgeous, not like today. I am glad they turned off the air, though I was getting too cold in here!!!

We (Michael, me, Steven, & Jamie) went camping this weekend at Lake Texana. It was so beautiful and we had a great time. There were deer everywhere & they were so tame...and then at night racoons came to visit as well!!!! I took a ton of pictures & tried to take one of one of the many raccoons that came to visit, but it didn't turn out too well in the dark obviously & I wasn't about to try to get any closer to it!!! They were mean to one another so I can imagine what they would have done to me!

We came home pretty early Sunday morning & though it was beautiful outside I spent the rest of the day in the house. I didn't feel well at all. I think most of it had to do with all the junk I ate Sa…

Jeans is two years old...

I saw that my past post for two years ago on my personal blog was the announcement that I had created Jeans. I actually put up the first post here before that day, though and have a link to it on the Jeans sidebar b/c it's there that I talk about why I started this blog.

And what better day to say Happy Blogaversary to Jeans that with more weight loss! It's only a pound, but yesterday when I went down to work out I weighed and saw the scale said I had lost another pound! Yay...more cardio = more progress! I had been stuck for about three weeks & now that I am ramping up the cardio I hope to see more progress!! So that puts me right at the half way mark to my goal! I'm 50% there & it took me about five months to get here! That isn't bad considering how long it took to put on all the weight. If I lost it too fast it might not stay off!! Hopefully, slowly and surely will keep the weight off!!! Jeans has helped a lot b/c it keeps me accountable & that makes me …

More birthday stuff!

First...Happy Birthday today to Kathy!!! Go tell her to have a wonderful day!!!

Aslo for me. Last night we went to my parents' I thought just to have dinner...turns out it was my b'day dinner. I haven't seen any of my family except my parents since way before my birthday so since we were coming over mother called everyone & planned a little surprise! Thanks so much!! My sister's in-laws were there, too b/c they have all had to evacuate b/c of Rita. Her husband's brother & sister and their spouses. My sisters gave me a great wreath stand that I had never seen before & a beautiful fall wreath, too! And my niece gave me a candle warmer & a Sandalwood candle for it...Sandalwood is great for migraine sufferers by the way! My parents also gave me and Michael an anniversary card since Sunday was our first anniversary. (Had I mentioned before that we just celebrated our first anniversary!?!?!? hehehe)

And this morning I had a nice surprise. I got to talk to o…

Product Pimping!

Okay...I'm sold!!! The Works REALLY works! I used this on the soap scum in my wiped off like nothing. My shower looks brand new again w/out me spending an hour scrubbing & inhaling bleach - I use bleach everywhere to clean. I even used The Works yesterday on a copper bottom pot that was turning dark and before I even put my rag to the pot it was shiny like a new copper penny!!! I wouldn't recommend using this As soon as I use up all the other products under my kitchen sink they are all going to be replaced with The Works product line!!

Okay...that's enough of that!

I got a WP invitation yesterday & set up a WP Blog. I had been thinking about migrating over to WP from pMachine & wanted to play around with it to see if I liked it or not. This version, though, is still in beta & there are limits. You cannot modify the code of this version of WP at all, which I don't like b/c I'm in mine all the time w/ pMachine. This version, so far, is a lo…

Time to tone up!

My co-worker & I went down to the gym during lunch today. I ran a mile, did abs, & arms. I know I need to ramp up my cardio b/c I have been at the same weight for about three weeks now...still at 49% of my goal.

I need to set a new exercise goal. Since the Commit to Get Fit Program is over I haven't had a set of "rules" to follow. It really should be a way of life...not a "program" you follow & in all honesty that's what I did as far as nutrition & diet, though recently I have not been drinking enough water (and I can really tell) & I have been having sweets where before I was totally obstaining from refined sugars. I know I don't need to cut them out 100% b/c that's when you end up binging on little debbies, but my sweet tooth is back where before I never wanted it. I think eating fruit has a lot to do with it actually. When I was eating more fruit that pacified my sweet cravings & I haven't been having enough fruit lat…

Even one year later

our wedding cake (top) still tasted great!! Yep, yesterday was our one year anniversary. I can't believe it's been a year already! Another couple months & we'll have already been in our house one year, too.

Needless to say I didn't spend much time on the computer yesterday, so I wanted to wish my wonderful husband a cyber-Happy Anniversary today!

October 2nd, 2004

Happy Anniversrary Sweetie!

I love you very much!