When I was about 12 we got a Dachshund.

Monday, September 26, 2005
We named her Scarlet, but over the years daddy has started calling her Toushka - we had another dog by this name & it kinda stuck w/ daddy!!! Scarlett is about 20 by now...no kidding. About seven years ago the vet told us she had heartworms & probably wouldn't live another two years w/out treatment. He didn't expect the treatment would extend her life more than a year, though b/c she was so old at that time anyway so my parents opted out of it...that was seven years ago!! Her face had been getting more and more gray each year, but she never really slowed down. She always chased snakes and got bit so many times by poisonous ones - we think that might be what killed the heartworms actually.

About two weeks ago she really started to slow down and her belly started to swell. My parents gave her medicine from the vet, but it didn't seem to help. While at my house during the storm, she didn't move hardly at all. When she was in the yard she just kind of wandered a bit or sat at the back door, so we brought her in and laid her in Chinook's bed & she never moved. Daddy had to pick her up to take her outside to potty and take her to food & water which she barely ate or drank. When my parents left they took her in a kennel I had at the house & when they got her home mother said she didn't come out all day. When she did manage to get out, her back legs had quit working mother said. She was literally dragging herself by her front legs when she would move. Mostly she was just sitting in her bed not moving. These last three days she hasn't ate or drank anything & her kidneys had quit working and she hadn't got out of bed at all in two days.

We have never had a dog put down before, but mother decided it was time for Scarlett. I asked if she just couldn't give her something to keep her comfortable, but really she didn't act like she was in any kind of pain. She wasn't wimpering or moaning or making any sounds actually. She was just laying there the entire time. Mother had an appointment for this morning and her neighbor was going to go with her since daddy had to go to work. Mother didn't think she could stay in the room while the vet was doing it, though her neighbor said when they had to do that with their dog it was very peaceful - like she was just closing her eyes to go to sleep. I don't think I could do it still.

This morning mother called me to let me know that Scarlet had passed on during the night. It's sad, but I am so thankful she went on her own and mother didn't have to take her into the vet to have her put down. How do you know if it's the right thing to do? I think mother was relieved too that she didn't have to have Scarlett put down. My nephew is going to come over later this morning to bury her for mother. Daddy doesn't know yet, either. She can't get through to him on the ship so she'll have to wait until he calls to check in to let him know.

Mother also has a houseful of evacuees this morning, too...my brother-in-law's sisters who live around Beaumont are there w/ their families. They can't go home right now and my sister doens't have room for everyone at her house. I am glad mother had company this morning to keep her busy & not thinking about it as much.