Uh, the scale went up one pound!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005
I weighed in yesterday...first time in about three weeks. Last time I stepped on the scale it said 180.5; yesterday it said 181.5. Time to get strict again!!!

The problems are obvious. I haven't been drinking nearly enough water like I was before & I have let myself have some really bad foods over the past week. I've had ice cream & cookies. Before last week I had almost cut out sweets 100%. I didn't feel denied, though. I wasn't craving them...b/c I know when you deny yourself of things you crave that's when you're more likely to fall off the wagon and binge.

My taste for sweets had just gone. It was wonderful. It isn't really back now either, I just had a taste for it, so I indulged...maybe a little too much, though. Sweets, like anything else, aren't bad for you in moderation. I would rather get my calories from better foods, though.

I have also been eating too many chips, which are salty & cause water retention...AND cravings for more! Chips & salsa are one of my weaknesses!!

So, I have identified the problem...dealt with it...got it out of my system...and am not back on track! I haven't really set an official deadline to meet my goal. I have 31.5 more pounds to lose...I didn't have only 30.5 until this pound crept back up on me. **SIGH**

I know one pound isn't THAT big of a deal, but it is negative movement...when you see the scale always going down it such a big motivator. BUT, I have gone down one size in my pants - that's an even more positive motivation for me to keep going!!!! I was so excited when I tried them on and they fit!! I even have an old pair of jeans that are TWO SIZES smaller (size 12) than what I had been wearing (size 16) that I got into over the weekend. I took a couple of pictures, too...I'll have to post them. I'll update when I get them posted!! Michael thought I was crazy when he walked in on me posing for the camera in my Old Jeans!!!! It was wonderful, though!!!

So...I'm really not too down about the whole one pound gain thing...b/c after all, I've lost 25 pounds!!!!!!!!!!