Tech help...w/ Flickr Please!

Thursday, September 08, 2005
pMachine is not on the list of blog programs supported in Flickr; BloggerAPI is. I found the following information in pMachine about BloggerAPI:

pMachine supports the Blogger API, which allows you to submit entries into your weblog using desktop applications, like w.Bloggar, BlogBuddy and BlogApp.

Because the Blogger API was designed for use with Blogger, there are some inherent limitations. Most notably, the fact that Blogger does not support weblog entry titles, multiple fields (blurb, more, etc.) or categories. In order to compensate for this, you must use the various tags listed below so that pMachine will know what you want it to do with your information. If you do not use any tags, pMachine will automatically construct the title of your entry from the information contained on the first line of your entry. The rest of the info will go into the body field.

Note: pMachine will offer support for the MetaWeblog API in a future release. This API is more powerful and is beginning to be supported in applications (w.Bloggar 3.0, for example).

In order for your desktop app to connect to pMachine you must supply it with the correct path information. In your main script directoy ("pm" directory) you will find a file called "pmserver.php". This is the file that the desktop application must point to. The path will typically be something like this:


The following tags give you more control over your weblog entry submissions:

{title}{/title} The title of your entry.
{blurb}{/blurb} The blurb field.
{body}{/body} The body field.
{more}{/more} The more field.
{custom1}{/custom1} The custom one field.
{custom2}{/custom2} The custom two field.
{custom3}{/custom3} The custom three field.
{category}{/category} The category you want the entry assigned to.

(Of course, replace { } w/ chevrons!)

So...I did all this & posted the following into Flickr for the previous post:

{title}Still trying to get Flickr to play right...{/title}

I love this vine; it's called a potato vine. I think I'll have to ask mother to root some for me!


I cannot use the BODY tags pMachine suggests b/c that takes the picture out of the post all together...what I want to do is put a space between the Post Title & the image...I have my template set up so that it's the beginning of the sentence, but can use BR to make it skip a line ~ that doesn't work in Flickr. I would also like the image to be centered - I can't get that to work either & I have tried everything!!!

Please, Flickr gurus - can ya help me out!!! Otherwise, I guess I'll just continue posting my images from Fotki like I have always done & where all my pictures reside anyway! I just thought the Blog This feature was neat & wanted to utilize it! I suggest this to Fotki as well...let's see if they really listen to members!!!