Rita should be here w/in 24 hours now...

Thursday, September 22, 2005
they are saying now about 6:00 tomorrow morning it's supposed to hit. We're still here and all is well. We're taking the two cars today that don't go in the garage (our third one and my parents' vehicle) to another garage today - the owners are out of town and allowing us to use it. The biggest worry there is the windows getting busted out by flying debris...b/c I don't think they'll flood & I doubt the wind would actually move the cars themselves. Better safe anyway!

We woke up and turned the news on this morning to see breaking news of a bus fire just south of Dallas. I didn't think the traffic situation could get much worse...I was wrong. The worst part is all the cars that were behind that bus. Eventually people started diverting through a field and through a parking lot to get around it b/c all the lanes, both north and south were closed. I know they have to do their jobs and investigate and all that, but this is an emergency situation...they cannot block people who are trying to evacuate. There are just too many people on the road; in a special situation like that one of their first concerns should also be finding a way to let the cars get around it. They don't have to block every single lane on the freeway when people are fleeing a hurricane.

My aunt and uncle that drove down here for mother's procedure, which was Wednesday left Thursday morning early w/ their daughter and her three kids. They had driven up from Angleton after the mandatory evacuation from there heading up to my aunt and uncle's house in East Texas. I was glad at least they were all going to be able to drive together, but we just found out this morning that they didn't make it there until 4:00 am - almost 24 hours to go what usually takes us about 2 hours to drive. I couldn't believe it. Mother felt bad that they had driven down here for her to get stuck in that, but my uncle said he wouldn't have been anywhere else. I am just glad they are there now safe and sound.

My sister and her family also left yesterday evening going to Austin...they took back roads and made it to my nephew's apartment there about 1:00 am - Christine I wish I new the route they took so I could have passed it along to y'all. So, all of our family is off the roads now...I think. I have a niece and nephew that were here still and don't know if they stayed or left. She has a newborn (well, she's about two months old now) so I am curious to know where they are. We'll have to try to find out today.

I think I'll go make b'fast for everyone now and maybe get some laundry done...after all when the electricity goes out I don't know how long we'll have to wait to do it!!

Be safe...if you're here in Houston we'll be thinking about you. Stop in and say hello to us, too!!!