Perfect timing...

Saturday, September 24, 2005
immediately after I post that last entry the electricity went out again!! It was out this time for about half an hour I think before coming on again. I took the time to finish cleaning up everything. I was so glad we didn't have to sleep w/out A/C again last night...that was not comfortable. This morning we got up for church, but found that the early service was cancelled...we were going to try to find some place to go have b'fast instead, but the only few places that were opened had long lines, so we just came home and I cooked us something to eat instead - I guess the lines are so long b/c there are still a lot of people w/out electricity, but I figured by now our area would all be back up. We also finished moving everything that was in the b'fast room back out to the patio...the mosquitos are terrible out there and I am seeing them in my house. Probably from have the doors and windows open when the power was out.

Those in my hometown didn't fair so well, especially my Grannie, or her house rather. I thought just the roof over her porch got messed up, but the truth is that the house isn't liveable. Apparently when the roof over the porch fell (only one beam is holding it up now) it pulled the front wall of the house out and made a gap that let rain into the the front wall and roof over the patio are down and her living room and maybe the front bedroom are full of water. I am hoping she will come down here to stay while it is all being repaired. I know how sad it must be for her, but I don't think any of her possessions (pictures, books, etc.) got damaged. She had taken most of them off the wall and there weren't many shelves or bookcases near the area that got wet. I don't really know what the plan is for now, though. If she decides not to come down here, though I think we're going to try to go up there soon to see her. I talked to her yesterday for a while and she didn't sound too down, but she wasn't herself obviously. She is the strongest, most positive person I's hard to imagine her being down.

Also, I just found out my daddy is having to drive into Galveston today for work...they had moved all their vessels to Sabine Pass, which got hit hard by Rita...but I guess they moved them back to Galveston b/c that is where he has to go this afternoon to get on board. It isn't going to be a fun drive I am sure.

Our offices are going to be closed again tomorrow, too. I have homework due Tuesday night (I assume classes are still on) so I am going to take advantage of the extra day off and do some today and some tomorrow. I really don't have much left anyway b/c I worked on most of it last week and the week before when it was assigned. I think I only have about ten problems or less remaining of the 40 we were given!! I think I'll make myself a cup of coffee now and get started - I want to watch the ABC premieres tonight, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I really didn't get into either last season, but I think I am going to watch them this time.