Mr. Sandman...where are you?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
It is now 2:52 AM and I am wide awake!!! Too much b'day excitement I guess!! After work today I went by the mall and bought a new purse...which I immediately switched out with my old one! I got to campus early for class so I took the time to call my Grannie and talk to her. Class was hectic...lots and lots of information and like I said before sometimes it feels like my professor is in fast forward! He talks so fast and jumps around from topic to topic and back again! I was able to get everything, but my brain felt like it was in overdrive.

After class was over Michael met me for dinner. This morning he had a bouquet of yellow roses and daisies...they were so beautiful! He had also got into my stamping supplies and made me a b'day card! I don't want to wake him up so I'll take pictures in the morning!! After dinner we were both very tired and went straight to bed b/c it was pretty late. I guess I fell asleep quickly, but only for a short time b/c I found myself tossing and turning.

Now it's 3:09 - no I'm not a slow typist. I have been searching for a site for the purse I bought. Obviously it isn't high end enough!!! Ha ha!

I think I got up about 1:30 and have been playing since then on the computer. I thought if I had a glass of milk and laid back down I would be able to fall asleep. That didn't work, obviously since that was two hours ago and I am still surfing! I am going to be dragging tommorrow I know!

Maybe I should have broke out my Finance book and read a while. I'll bet that would have put me to sleep. That's actually not a bad idea...I still may try that!

I received so many nice emails, ecards, comments, and phone calls today yesterday wishing me happy birthday! Thank you to everyone! I got a late call tonight from my sister - she had been at a school board meeting and was on her way home. She wanted to let me know that she was the first person (besides our mother) that saw me and heard me cry right after I was born! Ha Ha!

I have been rambling, but when I began this post I had a shameful admission to make as well...I still use this terrible OS at home. computers at home are dinosaurs! I have a Toshiba laptop (what I am on now) that I bought right after I started at my company and since I celebrated my 5th anniversary w/ the company on Sunday that dates my laptop! My desktop is new to me since we've been in this house, but it's old, too. My father bought a new desktop and I got his old one when we moved. I think I have finally decided it's time to update things around here. I'll still keep these Michael can use to make CDs, b/c I don't want that software on the new computer. I hate it - there are always problems associated with them! And I think I'll strip down the laptop and use it primarily for school. Get rid of all the nonsense! And b/c a laptop is always handy especially w/ wireless, though sadly, mine has been down for a while and I haven't taken the time to correct that!

Honestly, I am not really on the computer at home tha much right now. I mean, I sit in front of one all day every day at work...that's the last place I want to be at home and Michael is usually on it anyway...and since w/out working wireless only one can surf at a time, that leaves me doing other things than computing!

When we get a new one, though I'll be sure to get my wireless back in top form so that won't be a problem anymore. Right now, though b/c I know that ME is evil I don't feel like making the effort!'s 3:21 now. Sleep...please come to me! I guess it won't as long as I am I am going to dig my text book out of my backpack and sit down to read for a while!

Night! Night!