Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It was so nice outside today!

We sat out on the patio to eat lunch today! It was wonderful!!!

This weekend was good...busy! I had a four day weekend b/c Friday was my Friday off (9/80 work schedule) & Monday was a holiday ~ hope you had a good one!

Michael took off Friday, too & went dove hunting. I spent the day at my parents' house & played w/ my new camera!!! That evening we (Michael, his brother, & me) drove up to east Texas for The Stanley Cup. It's at my sister's house & they have had it for about six years or so and this is the first year I have ever gone. I don't know why, but we'll be going back...we had a great time!

We drove back to Houston Saturday evening after the shoot. Michael's brother stayed w/ us & the next morning we went to his parents' house. We all went to an annual bazaar at the church in Chappell Hill. We had a good time, especially b/c the weather was so much nicer than years past!!

Since we had Monday off Michael & I took advantage...slept late...and then took care of several errands we've been needing to do...basically ran around a while then vegged at home!!

I had class last night...I like this teacher, but I really wish he had a speed/volume control. He talks so fast sometimes and his volume goes up and down. It's hard to catch everything he says if you aren't paying very close attention & since I am one of these that write down everything I have to try hard to catch everything he says!!!

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