It's been a while...but I'm still progressing!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005
It's been about three weeks since I have weighed & I was afraid I wasn't going to like what I saw...but I've lost three more pounds! That puts me down in another "decade" of weight!!! I'm in the 170's now! Three pounds in three weeks doesn't seem like a lot, but I haven't been very good over the last three weeks so the fact that I lost at all is a success!! We've had so much going on (including my b'day) and I haven't been making healthy eating decisions. I have had fried foods & cake, just a little, but enough that I was afraid I wasn't going to get back on track very well.

I did though, especially after my stomach committed mutiny against me! Yeah...after going so long w/out eating anything fried my stomach can't take it. I fried okra at home & though it was good my stomach hurt for about two days. I just cannot take the greasy foods at all. That's good I guess b/c it will keep me away from it, but I should didn't think it was at the time. Ouch! I am at 179; yeah it's high 170's, but it is still in the 170's!!! Yay!!!!! I am also losing some of my clothes. I have given some away that are now too big & have started buying a smaller size!

I still need to do a better job of strength training. All my life I have worked out and did a good job of strenght training - as an athlete in HS and then in college even...and after college I was always in the gym and had good strength training routines. Not now, though and I can really tell. My arms aren't near as toned as they used to be and with the weight loss they feel really weak to me. Actually, my arms are the part that I am most unhappy w/ right now. I have work out bands that I need to start working out my arms with again. That would do a lot of good.

I am going to have to make that my next get my arms toned again like they used to be and in good shape. They are smaller, but what is there is just too soft!!!!