I haven't mentioned this before

Monday, September 19, 2005
b/c I had hoped there would be nothing to mention, but tonight I got a phone call that could change that.

Several years about, about 12 or so, my mother was diagnosed w/ Chronic Pancreatitis. She had had several attacks of acute pancreatitis that led to a couple a major surgeries & one where they had to remove her galbladder. She hasn't really had any problems since then. She takes medicine & is supposed to be strict about what she eats.

For a few months now, mother has been having severe pains. At first she thought it was shingles, which is caused from the same chicken pox virus we have when we're children. Shingles, though usually has a rash that follows & mother never got that, but the pain was still there. A few weeks ago on one of my Fridays off mother had another doctor's appointment. We went in for a 9 am appointment and ended up at the hospital until after 1:00. TAfter talking to mother the doctor agreed it wasn't shingles & immediately ordered a round of tests that day b/c of mother's past problems and the pain she was having. After those tests came back saying in fact there was something wrong w/ her pancreas they ordered two more days of tests - those were last week. They knew from those tests that she has gastritis, an inflamation in her stomach and esophogus (I know I am butchering this spelling) and put her on medicine for that. She was scheduled for another test this Thursday, but tonight the doctor called and moved her appointment to Wednesday.

He said there is a mass inside her pancreas about the size of a tennis ball and it can't wait until Thursday. I keep telling myself that this could just be a build up of scar tissue from all the sugeries that she has had. Wednesday I am going to take off work to go with her and my daddy and my aunt and uncle for her next test to see what it is. Mother said the doctor should be able to tell us something soon after the test. I have talked to her several times this evening. She said she is scared...but she sounds like she is being strong. Daddy couldn't really talk much at all. I am really trying to wait until we hear what the doctor says first. Tomorrow is going to be a long day knowing we still have to wait one more day to find out something. I do have a lot of work to do tomorrow so maybe that will make the day go by faster. Just be thinking about her on Wednesday...and if you pray, please pray for my mother and I'll update when we find out something for sure.