Football season is back!

Sunday, September 11, 2005
We had a good/busy weekend! Saturday Michael's cousin got married...since the wedding was in the afternoon Jamie and I made appointments for that morning to get our nails done. While we were gone the guys took care of getting food for Sunday b/c we we having everyone over to the house for football & food! Or so I thought, but we'll get to that!

The wedding was was a beautiful church! The reception started early & after we had been there for a while we decided we still wanted to go out afterwards. So about 9:00 we headed home to change clothes and then met up with Michael's brothers Christopher and Steven and Jamie to go dancing! I don't think we've been out to a bar since we got married! We had a blast. I haven't danced in so long & now I am looking forward to planning another weekend to go! Everyone had a good time!

We got home around 2:30 & I still couldn't go to bed, though. I had things to get done for Sunday afternoon. Michael and Steven had already taken care of marinading the brisket, but I had to get the beans into the slow cooker! I have a new recipe that I have been using that is wonderful, but I like to cook them in the slow cooker for the maximum time, which is ten hours. So, at 2:30 I was putting the recipe together and putting it all in the slow cooker for lunch Sunday afternoon. After that we crashed!

I woke up this morning around 7:30 and got Michael up a little after 8:00...he put the brisket on the grille & I put the pork loins and back strap (deer) in the oven. We had ribs, too but they don't take as long so after the brisket was done (about three hours later) Michael put them on the grille to cook. We also had potato salad, but it was store bought. Usually I have to doctor store bought potato salad, but this one was really good so I didn't have to do anything. I made some cheese dip to set out for everyone when they got over and Michael's mother brought a veggie tray for munching, too!

Michael's parents, Steven and Jamie, and Christopher all came over around noon. After dinner Michael pulled a cake out! Tuesday is my birthday, but he had planned a little surprise party for me today! So, after I blew out the bonfire (I'll be 28 on the 13th) I opend my gifts...I got $$$, a great pair of jeans, and a camera bag! I thought it was so sweet of Michael to plan that for me!

Thank you sweetie! It was a great surprise!