Monday, September 26, 2005

When I was about 12 we got a Dachshund.

We named her Scarlet, but over the years daddy has started calling her Toushka - we had another dog by this name & it kinda stuck w/ daddy!!! Scarlett is about 20 by kidding. About seven years ago the vet told us she had heartworms & probably wouldn't live another two years w/out treatment. He didn't expect the treatment would extend her life more than a year, though b/c she was so old at that time anyway so my parents opted out of it...that was seven years ago!! Her face had been getting more and more gray each year, but she never really slowed down. She always chased snakes and got bit so many times by poisonous ones - we think that might be what killed the heartworms actually.

About two weeks ago she really started to slow down and her belly started to swell. My parents gave her medicine from the vet, but it didn't seem to help. While at my house during the storm, she didn't move hardly at all. When she was in the yard she just kind of wandered a bit or sat at the back door, so we brought her in and laid her in Chinook's bed & she never moved. Daddy had to pick her up to take her outside to potty and take her to food & water which she barely ate or drank. When my parents left they took her in a kennel I had at the house & when they got her home mother said she didn't come out all day. When she did manage to get out, her back legs had quit working mother said. She was literally dragging herself by her front legs when she would move. Mostly she was just sitting in her bed not moving. These last three days she hasn't ate or drank anything & her kidneys had quit working and she hadn't got out of bed at all in two days.

We have never had a dog put down before, but mother decided it was time for Scarlett. I asked if she just couldn't give her something to keep her comfortable, but really she didn't act like she was in any kind of pain. She wasn't wimpering or moaning or making any sounds actually. She was just laying there the entire time. Mother had an appointment for this morning and her neighbor was going to go with her since daddy had to go to work. Mother didn't think she could stay in the room while the vet was doing it, though her neighbor said when they had to do that with their dog it was very peaceful - like she was just closing her eyes to go to sleep. I don't think I could do it still.

This morning mother called me to let me know that Scarlet had passed on during the night. It's sad, but I am so thankful she went on her own and mother didn't have to take her into the vet to have her put down. How do you know if it's the right thing to do? I think mother was relieved too that she didn't have to have Scarlett put down. My nephew is going to come over later this morning to bury her for mother. Daddy doesn't know yet, either. She can't get through to him on the ship so she'll have to wait until he calls to check in to let him know.

Mother also has a houseful of evacuees this morning, brother-in-law's sisters who live around Beaumont are there w/ their families. They can't go home right now and my sister doens't have room for everyone at her house. I am glad mother had company this morning to keep her busy & not thinking about it as much.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Perfect timing...

immediately after I post that last entry the electricity went out again!! It was out this time for about half an hour I think before coming on again. I took the time to finish cleaning up everything. I was so glad we didn't have to sleep w/out A/C again last night...that was not comfortable. This morning we got up for church, but found that the early service was cancelled...we were going to try to find some place to go have b'fast instead, but the only few places that were opened had long lines, so we just came home and I cooked us something to eat instead - I guess the lines are so long b/c there are still a lot of people w/out electricity, but I figured by now our area would all be back up. We also finished moving everything that was in the b'fast room back out to the patio...the mosquitos are terrible out there and I am seeing them in my house. Probably from have the doors and windows open when the power was out.

Those in my hometown didn't fair so well, especially my Grannie, or her house rather. I thought just the roof over her porch got messed up, but the truth is that the house isn't liveable. Apparently when the roof over the porch fell (only one beam is holding it up now) it pulled the front wall of the house out and made a gap that let rain into the the front wall and roof over the patio are down and her living room and maybe the front bedroom are full of water. I am hoping she will come down here to stay while it is all being repaired. I know how sad it must be for her, but I don't think any of her possessions (pictures, books, etc.) got damaged. She had taken most of them off the wall and there weren't many shelves or bookcases near the area that got wet. I don't really know what the plan is for now, though. If she decides not to come down here, though I think we're going to try to go up there soon to see her. I talked to her yesterday for a while and she didn't sound too down, but she wasn't herself obviously. She is the strongest, most positive person I's hard to imagine her being down.

Also, I just found out my daddy is having to drive into Galveston today for work...they had moved all their vessels to Sabine Pass, which got hit hard by Rita...but I guess they moved them back to Galveston b/c that is where he has to go this afternoon to get on board. It isn't going to be a fun drive I am sure.

Our offices are going to be closed again tomorrow, too. I have homework due Tuesday night (I assume classes are still on) so I am going to take advantage of the extra day off and do some today and some tomorrow. I really don't have much left anyway b/c I worked on most of it last week and the week before when it was assigned. I think I only have about ten problems or less remaining of the 40 we were given!! I think I'll make myself a cup of coffee now and get started - I want to watch the ABC premieres tonight, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. I really didn't get into either last season, but I think I am going to watch them this time.

I made it through my first hurricane...

actually, though I don't think what we experienced qualifies as going through a hurricane. It turned so far east that we didn't get much at all. We have been without electricity since about two o'clock this morning and it just came back on about forty five minutes ago. Our bedroom was lit up several times with green flashes of light when tranformers blew out here. When it came back on the first thing I did vaccum my floor in case it went off again (we were teased several times before it actually stayed on)!!! After the rain quit we just opened the door and windows to get a breeze since there was no AC and that plus having the outside plants in the foyer brought in a lot of debris - leaves and such. It feels so much better in here now. Except for the b'fast room my house is back in order. That's where we have all the back yard stuff and b/c we're still have an occasional strong gust I don't want to risk any of that being toppled over and broken. Otherwise, everything is fine.

My family in Egypt and Switzerland and California called many times to check on us...I think they stayed glued to the TV watching Rita more than us. They were all very worried! Our area really lucked out, though. Our trellis in the front yard is down and there are several trees down in our subdivision, but that's only b/c it's a new development and all the trees are young and small and don't have deep roots yet. And none of them broke...they just got pulled out of the ground, so once the wind quits everyone will be able to just stand them up again and put them back down in the ground and stake them for a bit. We drove earlier to get the two vehicles we had put in a friend's garage (our jeep and dad's excursion) and other than limbs and tons of pine-needles we didn't see much else on the ground. We did see one tree down, but honestly it looked like they had cut it down prior to the storm.

A lot of our family headed up to East Texas to escape the storm, but actually ended up running straight into it. My grannie's front porch had some damage...the roof over the porch is down on one side. It sounded like it wouldn't take much to repair it, though. My brother and uncle lost a portion of their roofs, which were tin. My brother's on his shop (he owns an AC company) and my uncles just over his front porch, not over the house that's something that can be easily mended. My sister, though had more damage I think. Her house up there sits up high on a hill and they had a tree fall and hit their balcony - I don't think it got any of the roof, though. And they had to brace two sets of their french doors b/c the wind kept trying to blow them open and kept blowing water up under them, too. In a way, I guess it's good they went b/c it wasn't bad enough that anyone would have been hurt, but now they are there to take care of everything instead of having to wait until next weekend to go up there to find out about the damage.

My other brother that lives up there I haven't heard from. I tried to call him several times this morning, but no answer. I figure they didn't stay at their home, though b/c he gets really afraid in this weather - but I don't know where they could be. (Tasha - if you read this before I talk to any of y'all tell your daddy to call me.) My other sister and her family are in Austin. I don't know when they all plan to come home - that's another reason I am really glad we didn't leave b/c I think those who left are going to have an even harder time returning to Houston. Mother and daddy left about an hour ago - they still don't have electricity and have a mess in their yard, but no damage at all. They drove by both my sisters' home and said the situation was the same there. No damage at all...which is wonderful. They are going to have a lot of work cleaning up all the limbs and leaves, though!

Uh oh...the electricity just went off again for about fifteen seconds. I hope I get this post in before it goes off again!! The wind is actually blowing strong and pretty constant out there right now. I hope we don't lose it for good again!!!

So, if you're reading and you or your family were in the Rita vicinity I hope you are all safe and sound. We were really blessed and fortunate with the way things turned out here, but by missing us another area had to get a direct hit unfortunately. You'll all be in our prayers.

Friday, September 23, 2005

I sure wish I had a kite!!

It's really starting to get windy out here. I wasn't expecting to see it so soon to be honest! I had a big shelf on the back porch, but it got blown over earlier and the top and one of the inside shelves broke. The fans on the porch, which are off, are spinning constantly and the trees are waving at us now!!!

I am beginning to think those up in East Texas in our hometown are going to get hit as hard and maybe even more than we are now b/c of the direction that Rita has taken. I guess we won't know until it actually gets here, though.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita should be here w/in 24 hours now...

they are saying now about 6:00 tomorrow morning it's supposed to hit. We're still here and all is well. We're taking the two cars today that don't go in the garage (our third one and my parents' vehicle) to another garage today - the owners are out of town and allowing us to use it. The biggest worry there is the windows getting busted out by flying debris...b/c I don't think they'll flood & I doubt the wind would actually move the cars themselves. Better safe anyway!

We woke up and turned the news on this morning to see breaking news of a bus fire just south of Dallas. I didn't think the traffic situation could get much worse...I was wrong. The worst part is all the cars that were behind that bus. Eventually people started diverting through a field and through a parking lot to get around it b/c all the lanes, both north and south were closed. I know they have to do their jobs and investigate and all that, but this is an emergency situation...they cannot block people who are trying to evacuate. There are just too many people on the road; in a special situation like that one of their first concerns should also be finding a way to let the cars get around it. They don't have to block every single lane on the freeway when people are fleeing a hurricane.

My aunt and uncle that drove down here for mother's procedure, which was Wednesday left Thursday morning early w/ their daughter and her three kids. They had driven up from Angleton after the mandatory evacuation from there heading up to my aunt and uncle's house in East Texas. I was glad at least they were all going to be able to drive together, but we just found out this morning that they didn't make it there until 4:00 am - almost 24 hours to go what usually takes us about 2 hours to drive. I couldn't believe it. Mother felt bad that they had driven down here for her to get stuck in that, but my uncle said he wouldn't have been anywhere else. I am just glad they are there now safe and sound.

My sister and her family also left yesterday evening going to Austin...they took back roads and made it to my nephew's apartment there about 1:00 am - Christine I wish I new the route they took so I could have passed it along to y'all. So, all of our family is off the roads now...I think. I have a niece and nephew that were here still and don't know if they stayed or left. She has a newborn (well, she's about two months old now) so I am curious to know where they are. We'll have to try to find out today.

I think I'll go make b'fast for everyone now and maybe get some laundry done...after all when the electricity goes out I don't know how long we'll have to wait to do it!!

Be safe...if you're here in Houston we'll be thinking about you. Stop in and say hello to us, too!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I can feel it today!

My coworker and I worked out yesterday during lunch. I have been doing good nutritional and only half-ass when it comes to working out...worst of all the strength training part. Which is so strange, b/c all my life that was my strongest point. Cardo & nutrition were the areas that I fell behind in.

Now after losing nearly 30 pounds & not working on toning I can tell things are way too's like my skin got too big or something! I know that sounds gross, but I don't know another way to say it. Mainly it's just on my arms, though. My legs have always been very muscular & they still are, but not as toned as they should be...and my stomach is pretty much flat, but again not toned. My arms on the other hand are a different story! They are a lot smaller, but it's like I don't have any muscle on them at all!! They look so weak! I was afraid when I tried to lift weights I wouldn't be able to lift nearly the weight I have in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised to find I'm no wienie!!! I couldn't lift quite at much as before, but my arms are still strong enough that I was able to lift some weights that would make a different in toning! The key to toning, though is also not to lift too much. You have to differentiate between toning & building. I don't want to build anything...just firm up what I already have! Lighter weight & more reps!

I am not too sore today, but I can feel the stiffness this morning. Tomorrow I probably won't be able to pick up my purse, though!!!

There is no more bottled water in Houston!

At least not at our local Wal-Mart. I couldn't believe the people at the store yesterday. We went to the store yesterday & it felt like people were getting ready for the end of the world. I know there is a bad storm coming; I know we could lose electricity for a few days, but I really think a lot of people have blown this out of proportion. Especially on this side of town. I think we live far enough north of the coast that our home will be safe and so will we. I can deal w/out electricity for a couple of will be hot and heck, but we'll manage! We did get some water & flashlights & non-perishables yesterday in case it does go out. And charcoal...if it goes out the frozen meat in the freezer is going on the pit!! I don't want to leave my home, though. We don't have to fight the throngs of people evacuating when we have a perfectly save place to stay right here.

The Houston Chronicle has started another blog...this one for Rita. I looked yesterday for it, but must have overlooked it or just looked before they started it. Our neighbors all seem to be pretty calm about it, too. Now, those living below I-10 shouldn't be so calm I know. My niece and her family live in South Houston & I haven't heard from them yet, but I am assuming they are coming up here to this side of town to stay w/ my sister...or they might all be heading out of Houston to East Texas for the weekend. I think the traffic going up there is going to be too, too bad, though. We should know something more definite by tomorrow. Our guys offshore have already evacuated...they started/finished yesterday I believe. I'll have to check in later for the latest storm report from out there.

Aside from Rita we (our family) has other worries today. Today is mother's next test. They are supposed to be there around 10:30 I think...I told daddy to call me when they leave the house so that I can meet them there. We are supposed to be able to know something right after...I hope so. There are so many possibilities of what it could be & that's what I am trying to concentrate on & telling everyone else, too. Whatever it is we're going to be able to deal with it and be alright...I know! I talked to mother several times yesterday...she sounded more tired than anything. I think the not knowing is the hardest part...I'm so glad the doctor moved the appointment up a day. One day can seem like an eternity when you're waiting to hear about something like this. These last couple of days have also given everyone time to prepare to hear whatever the doctor says, too I think. There are five kids in my family & five completely different individuals. We all deal with things in our own way. None of us really talk to one another about stuff like this, though...that's one thing I wish we could change. I think some times there are things that are just better dealt with if you have someone to talk to who is going through the same thing with you. But you know...I am getting ahead of I said, it may not be anything that we have to "deal with". It could be something totally harmless.

On that note I am going to end that topic and move over to post on Jeans - it needs an update!

Wonderful news!!!

Mother is just fine! There is no mass at all inside her pancreas! What they saw was on the MRI was, well they don't know what they saw, but when they put the scope down inside her and looked there was nothing there at all!!! She is going to be just fine! What an emotional roller-coaster...and what a blessing & relief!!!! Mother was really scared...but it's all going to be alright now!

Thank you to everyone for all your concerns!! I wasn't going to post until we knew something for sure, but there was just to much emotion going on. Now we can all breathe easy and worry about Hurricane Rita!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


they are everywhere at my parents' house!!! They chirp, almost like little birds. This one was hiding under a shoe when I was there this weekend. I wish I had something next to it to relate it to for size...b/c it's tiny! There are all sizes of them, but some are so small you can't even see them - they appear clear!! It took my parents' dog a while to get used to them b/c in the beginning she would bark all night up at the ceiling of the patio b/c they were climbing around on it!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

I haven't mentioned this before

b/c I had hoped there would be nothing to mention, but tonight I got a phone call that could change that.

Several years about, about 12 or so, my mother was diagnosed w/ Chronic Pancreatitis. She had had several attacks of acute pancreatitis that led to a couple a major surgeries & one where they had to remove her galbladder. She hasn't really had any problems since then. She takes medicine & is supposed to be strict about what she eats.

For a few months now, mother has been having severe pains. At first she thought it was shingles, which is caused from the same chicken pox virus we have when we're children. Shingles, though usually has a rash that follows & mother never got that, but the pain was still there. A few weeks ago on one of my Fridays off mother had another doctor's appointment. We went in for a 9 am appointment and ended up at the hospital until after 1:00. TAfter talking to mother the doctor agreed it wasn't shingles & immediately ordered a round of tests that day b/c of mother's past problems and the pain she was having. After those tests came back saying in fact there was something wrong w/ her pancreas they ordered two more days of tests - those were last week. They knew from those tests that she has gastritis, an inflamation in her stomach and esophogus (I know I am butchering this spelling) and put her on medicine for that. She was scheduled for another test this Thursday, but tonight the doctor called and moved her appointment to Wednesday.

He said there is a mass inside her pancreas about the size of a tennis ball and it can't wait until Thursday. I keep telling myself that this could just be a build up of scar tissue from all the sugeries that she has had. Wednesday I am going to take off work to go with her and my daddy and my aunt and uncle for her next test to see what it is. Mother said the doctor should be able to tell us something soon after the test. I have talked to her several times this evening. She said she is scared...but she sounds like she is being strong. Daddy couldn't really talk much at all. I am really trying to wait until we hear what the doctor says first. Tomorrow is going to be a long day knowing we still have to wait one more day to find out something. I do have a lot of work to do tomorrow so maybe that will make the day go by faster. Just be thinking about her on Wednesday...and if you pray, please pray for my mother and I'll update when we find out something for sure.

It's been a busy day...

but before I start groaning I have two positive things to post.

First, Congratulations to Jamie & Chasity & their family on the arrival of their new niece, Tori Lynn. She really is a very beautiful baby!!!

Also, I have been playing a lot w/ Macros on my new camera, mostly floral, and wanted to share these pictures I took of mother's flowers & mine!! I really love the way they came out!
These are a couple of my favorites:

But there are lots go see!!!

I also did a photo-shoot this weekend for my neighbor. She is pregnant and wanted some b/w maternity shots. I won't be sharing those obviously, but it was fun to do & I look forward to working on them this week to get back to her!

Now, back to the's just been a busy day today & tomorrow will be too & I am sleepy! I don't know why, but I haven't been able to wake up at all today & my eyes have been glued to work non-stop today. It's just really a Monday!!! I also have a lot of homework right now. My professor cancelled class for tomorrow for some reason so that gave us two weeks instead of one to get our homework completed, but it's a LOT of homework, too!!!

Needless to say I am looking forward to going home today. I plan to sit in a hot bath for a long time this evening before getting back to work on my homework, too!!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

It's been a while...but I'm still progressing!!

It's been about three weeks since I have weighed & I was afraid I wasn't going to like what I saw...but I've lost three more pounds! That puts me down in another "decade" of weight!!! I'm in the 170's now! Three pounds in three weeks doesn't seem like a lot, but I haven't been very good over the last three weeks so the fact that I lost at all is a success!! We've had so much going on (including my b'day) and I haven't been making healthy eating decisions. I have had fried foods & cake, just a little, but enough that I was afraid I wasn't going to get back on track very well.

I did though, especially after my stomach committed mutiny against me! Yeah...after going so long w/out eating anything fried my stomach can't take it. I fried okra at home & though it was good my stomach hurt for about two days. I just cannot take the greasy foods at all. That's good I guess b/c it will keep me away from it, but I should didn't think it was at the time. Ouch! I am at 179; yeah it's high 170's, but it is still in the 170's!!! Yay!!!!! I am also losing some of my clothes. I have given some away that are now too big & have started buying a smaller size!

I still need to do a better job of strength training. All my life I have worked out and did a good job of strenght training - as an athlete in HS and then in college even...and after college I was always in the gym and had good strength training routines. Not now, though and I can really tell. My arms aren't near as toned as they used to be and with the weight loss they feel really weak to me. Actually, my arms are the part that I am most unhappy w/ right now. I have work out bands that I need to start working out my arms with again. That would do a lot of good.

I am going to have to make that my next get my arms toned again like they used to be and in good shape. They are smaller, but what is there is just too soft!!!!

Birthday Prezzies!

Wednesday night Michael & I had dinner w/ Elaine to celebrate my b'day and she gave me this beautiful necklace. It is so unique & the chain with it is awesome! Thank you so much Elaine...I love it! I wore it today coming to visit my parents so that I could show them, too! This morning they gave me my b'day present from them, too. I was speechless! With my new camera I really needed a bigger memory card that what I had (256 MB)...well this is definitely bigger! Thanks so much y'all!!! I love it!

Now, gotta run...gotta take pictures!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pictures as promised

of the flowers Michael gave me!

Aren't they beautiful!?!?

And here is the card he made for me! I thought it was the sweetest part!

And since I couldn't find a link for my's a pictures of that, too!

Yes, it's blue & yes it's going to go with everything!!!!

Mr. Sandman...where are you?

It is now 2:52 AM and I am wide awake!!! Too much b'day excitement I guess!! After work today I went by the mall and bought a new purse...which I immediately switched out with my old one! I got to campus early for class so I took the time to call my Grannie and talk to her. Class was hectic...lots and lots of information and like I said before sometimes it feels like my professor is in fast forward! He talks so fast and jumps around from topic to topic and back again! I was able to get everything, but my brain felt like it was in overdrive.

After class was over Michael met me for dinner. This morning he had a bouquet of yellow roses and daisies...they were so beautiful! He had also got into my stamping supplies and made me a b'day card! I don't want to wake him up so I'll take pictures in the morning!! After dinner we were both very tired and went straight to bed b/c it was pretty late. I guess I fell asleep quickly, but only for a short time b/c I found myself tossing and turning.

Now it's 3:09 - no I'm not a slow typist. I have been searching for a site for the purse I bought. Obviously it isn't high end enough!!! Ha ha!

I think I got up about 1:30 and have been playing since then on the computer. I thought if I had a glass of milk and laid back down I would be able to fall asleep. That didn't work, obviously since that was two hours ago and I am still surfing! I am going to be dragging tommorrow I know!

Maybe I should have broke out my Finance book and read a while. I'll bet that would have put me to sleep. That's actually not a bad idea...I still may try that!

I received so many nice emails, ecards, comments, and phone calls today yesterday wishing me happy birthday! Thank you to everyone! I got a late call tonight from my sister - she had been at a school board meeting and was on her way home. She wanted to let me know that she was the first person (besides our mother) that saw me and heard me cry right after I was born! Ha Ha!

I have been rambling, but when I began this post I had a shameful admission to make as well...I still use this terrible OS at home. computers at home are dinosaurs! I have a Toshiba laptop (what I am on now) that I bought right after I started at my company and since I celebrated my 5th anniversary w/ the company on Sunday that dates my laptop! My desktop is new to me since we've been in this house, but it's old, too. My father bought a new desktop and I got his old one when we moved. I think I have finally decided it's time to update things around here. I'll still keep these Michael can use to make CDs, b/c I don't want that software on the new computer. I hate it - there are always problems associated with them! And I think I'll strip down the laptop and use it primarily for school. Get rid of all the nonsense! And b/c a laptop is always handy especially w/ wireless, though sadly, mine has been down for a while and I haven't taken the time to correct that!

Honestly, I am not really on the computer at home tha much right now. I mean, I sit in front of one all day every day at work...that's the last place I want to be at home and Michael is usually on it anyway...and since w/out working wireless only one can surf at a time, that leaves me doing other things than computing!

When we get a new one, though I'll be sure to get my wireless back in top form so that won't be a problem anymore. Right now, though b/c I know that ME is evil I don't feel like making the effort!'s 3:21 now. Sleep...please come to me! I guess it won't as long as I am I am going to dig my text book out of my backpack and sit down to read for a while!

Night! Night!

Monday, September 12, 2005

I'm 28 today!

Three years ago my long time HS friend, Nina told me she found out she was pregnant on her b'day, which is in January. Nine months later she had a beautiful baby girl on my birthday! Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!!

Today, Jamie just told me that her little sister went into labor early this morning and that the doctor said she would have the baby today! So, happy birthday also to Miss Tori Lynn...when she gets here!!! And congratulations to Jamie and all her family and their new arrival!

And Happy Birthday to me today, too!!!!! I have to go to class tonight unfortunately, but that's just the way it falls sometimes!

Backtracking a little bit!

I didn't post about my lunch date on Friday! Chica lives just across the freeway from where my office is. I couldn't believe we hadn't got together for lunch before Friday!! We went to La Madaline ~ yummy! I love their tomato soup, which is what I always have there! It's delicious...and I found out not so nutritous! I always knew it wasn't low-fat; it couldn't, cream! But then I read the nutritional info on it. WOW!!! I had the smallest cup, which is about 290 calories, 28 grams of fat, & 9 carbs! Yeeeeooouch! Well, I had a small ceasar, which isn't listed on the nutrition page, but the menu said the dressing was fat free...and I was good the rest of the day so I guess I can have my little indulgences and not feel too badly! Besides, I was w/ great company so who was thinking about calories & fat! Needless to say I had a wonderful time & we'll definitely have to do that more often - lunch, not the tomato soup!!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Football season is back!

We had a good/busy weekend! Saturday Michael's cousin got married...since the wedding was in the afternoon Jamie and I made appointments for that morning to get our nails done. While we were gone the guys took care of getting food for Sunday b/c we we having everyone over to the house for football & food! Or so I thought, but we'll get to that!

The wedding was was a beautiful church! The reception started early & after we had been there for a while we decided we still wanted to go out afterwards. So about 9:00 we headed home to change clothes and then met up with Michael's brothers Christopher and Steven and Jamie to go dancing! I don't think we've been out to a bar since we got married! We had a blast. I haven't danced in so long & now I am looking forward to planning another weekend to go! Everyone had a good time!

We got home around 2:30 & I still couldn't go to bed, though. I had things to get done for Sunday afternoon. Michael and Steven had already taken care of marinading the brisket, but I had to get the beans into the slow cooker! I have a new recipe that I have been using that is wonderful, but I like to cook them in the slow cooker for the maximum time, which is ten hours. So, at 2:30 I was putting the recipe together and putting it all in the slow cooker for lunch Sunday afternoon. After that we crashed!

I woke up this morning around 7:30 and got Michael up a little after 8:00...he put the brisket on the grille & I put the pork loins and back strap (deer) in the oven. We had ribs, too but they don't take as long so after the brisket was done (about three hours later) Michael put them on the grille to cook. We also had potato salad, but it was store bought. Usually I have to doctor store bought potato salad, but this one was really good so I didn't have to do anything. I made some cheese dip to set out for everyone when they got over and Michael's mother brought a veggie tray for munching, too!

Michael's parents, Steven and Jamie, and Christopher all came over around noon. After dinner Michael pulled a cake out! Tuesday is my birthday, but he had planned a little surprise party for me today! So, after I blew out the bonfire (I'll be 28 on the 13th) I opend my gifts...I got $$$, a great pair of jeans, and a camera bag! I thought it was so sweet of Michael to plan that for me!

Thank you sweetie! It was a great surprise!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Tech help...w/ Flickr Please!

pMachine is not on the list of blog programs supported in Flickr; BloggerAPI is. I found the following information in pMachine about BloggerAPI:

pMachine supports the Blogger API, which allows you to submit entries into your weblog using desktop applications, like w.Bloggar, BlogBuddy and BlogApp.

Because the Blogger API was designed for use with Blogger, there are some inherent limitations. Most notably, the fact that Blogger does not support weblog entry titles, multiple fields (blurb, more, etc.) or categories. In order to compensate for this, you must use the various tags listed below so that pMachine will know what you want it to do with your information. If you do not use any tags, pMachine will automatically construct the title of your entry from the information contained on the first line of your entry. The rest of the info will go into the body field.

Note: pMachine will offer support for the MetaWeblog API in a future release. This API is more powerful and is beginning to be supported in applications (w.Bloggar 3.0, for example).

In order for your desktop app to connect to pMachine you must supply it with the correct path information. In your main script directoy ("pm" directory) you will find a file called "pmserver.php". This is the file that the desktop application must point to. The path will typically be something like this:


The following tags give you more control over your weblog entry submissions:

{title}{/title} The title of your entry.
{blurb}{/blurb} The blurb field.
{body}{/body} The body field.
{more}{/more} The more field.
{custom1}{/custom1} The custom one field.
{custom2}{/custom2} The custom two field.
{custom3}{/custom3} The custom three field.
{category}{/category} The category you want the entry assigned to.

(Of course, replace { } w/ chevrons!)

So...I did all this & posted the following into Flickr for the previous post:

{title}Still trying to get Flickr to play right...{/title}

I love this vine; it's called a potato vine. I think I'll have to ask mother to root some for me!


I cannot use the BODY tags pMachine suggests b/c that takes the picture out of the post all together...what I want to do is put a space between the Post Title & the image...I have my template set up so that it's the beginning of the sentence, but can use BR to make it skip a line ~ that doesn't work in Flickr. I would also like the image to be centered - I can't get that to work either & I have tried everything!!!

Please, Flickr gurus - can ya help me out!!! Otherwise, I guess I'll just continue posting my images from Fotki like I have always done & where all my pictures reside anyway! I just thought the Blog This feature was neat & wanted to utilize it! I suggest this to Fotki as well...let's see if they really listen to members!!!

Still trying to get Flickr to play right...

Flowers from Mother's Garden
Originally uploaded by Mish Mish.

I love this vine; it's called a potato vine. I think I'll have to ask mother to root some for me!

Flickr is driving me crazy!!

Originally uploaded by Mish Mish.

I am trying to get Flickr to post my photos to my blog, but it just doesn't want to play w/ pMachine!!!

Here's trying again!

This is a test post

This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

One of my favorite shots

that I took of mother's flowers this weekend...

click here for the entire slideshow...

It was so nice outside today!

We sat out on the patio to eat lunch today! It was wonderful!!!

This weekend was good...busy! I had a four day weekend b/c Friday was my Friday off (9/80 work schedule) & Monday was a holiday ~ hope you had a good one!

Michael took off Friday, too & went dove hunting. I spent the day at my parents' house & played w/ my new camera!!! That evening we (Michael, his brother, & me) drove up to east Texas for The Stanley Cup. It's at my sister's house & they have had it for about six years or so and this is the first year I have ever gone. I don't know why, but we'll be going back...we had a great time!

We drove back to Houston Saturday evening after the shoot. Michael's brother stayed w/ us & the next morning we went to his parents' house. We all went to an annual bazaar at the church in Chappell Hill. We had a good time, especially b/c the weather was so much nicer than years past!!

Since we had Monday off Michael & I took advantage...slept late...and then took care of several errands we've been needing to do...basically ran around a while then vegged at home!!

I had class last night...I like this teacher, but I really wish he had a speed/volume control. He talks so fast sometimes and his volume goes up and down. It's hard to catch everything he says if you aren't paying very close attention & since I am one of these that write down everything I have to try hard to catch everything he says!!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Pictures as promised!

Well, I have two semi-alright pictures of me in my Old Jeans!!!

The first one has a shadow around my butt...LOL! I tried to make sure I was in front of the white door! I'll have to get Michael to take some better pictures; I just set my camera on the cabinet for these!

Uh, the scale went up one pound!

I weighed in yesterday...first time in about three weeks. Last time I stepped on the scale it said 180.5; yesterday it said 181.5. Time to get strict again!!!

The problems are obvious. I haven't been drinking nearly enough water like I was before & I have let myself have some really bad foods over the past week. I've had ice cream & cookies. Before last week I had almost cut out sweets 100%. I didn't feel denied, though. I wasn't craving them...b/c I know when you deny yourself of things you crave that's when you're more likely to fall off the wagon and binge.

My taste for sweets had just gone. It was wonderful. It isn't really back now either, I just had a taste for it, so I indulged...maybe a little too much, though. Sweets, like anything else, aren't bad for you in moderation. I would rather get my calories from better foods, though.

I have also been eating too many chips, which are salty & cause water retention...AND cravings for more! Chips & salsa are one of my weaknesses!!

So, I have identified the problem...dealt with it out of my system...and am not back on track! I haven't really set an official deadline to meet my goal. I have 31.5 more pounds to lose...I didn't have only 30.5 until this pound crept back up on me. **SIGH**

I know one pound isn't THAT big of a deal, but it is negative movement...when you see the scale always going down it such a big motivator. BUT, I have gone down one size in my pants - that's an even more positive motivation for me to keep going!!!! I was so excited when I tried them on and they fit!! I even have an old pair of jeans that are TWO SIZES smaller (size 12) than what I had been wearing (size 16) that I got into over the weekend. I took a couple of pictures, too...I'll have to post them. I'll update when I get them posted!! Michael thought I was crazy when he walked in on me posing for the camera in my Old Jeans!!!! It was wonderful, though!!!

So...I'm really not too down about the whole one pound gain thing...b/c after all, I've lost 25 pounds!!!!!!!!!!