Who doesn't have Gmail now!?!?

Thursday, August 25, 2005
I looked at my past post for today about finally getting invites to give away for gmail & laughed b/c now I have tons & no one needs one b/c everyone uses gmail!

And now the latest from Google is Google Talk! I have been using MSN Messenger for IM. I used to use Yahoo Messenger, but (and this is terrible to admit) I couldn't download it at work...only MSN! LOL ~ Yeah, I know I shouldn't be IMing at work, but when you have to talk to people about something, it doesn't distract from work nearly as much as a phone call! I guess you just have to learn to multi-task!!!

In other news, we are now officially a three car family. Michael & I bought a new truck Tuesday night. It's a 2005 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab...I really like it, too! We kept my jeep b/c we need it & Michael's mustang. The mustang is paid for & is going to be our weekend-running-around-close-to-home car!!! We really did need a truck & prices are really good right now...we got a good deal & it's just so much fun to drive! I took a couple pictures the night we bought it, but they are kinda dark so I am going to take some more during the daytime to post! I tried to find a picture online, but didn't find our exact truck...so you'll have to wait for pictures! The color is called Silver Birch Metallic! It's a really pretty color that replaced the Champagne color that has been used for so many years...especially on the Z71s!

I really liked the new Ford F-150 ~ I have never bought Chevy before. In fact, our family (except for my sister & her family) have always had Fords. Michael's family, until his Mustang, have always driven Chevrolets, though. We both like each of the trucks, but in the end we both liked the one we got the best...um, obviously!