School starts back up for me today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005
I hope this semester goes by as well as last semester. I got a B last time...not exactly what I wanted, but it was a hard class. I'm told one of the hardest I'll have to take. We'll see! This semester I'm taking Finance; to be specific it's INTRODUCTION TO INSTITUTIONS, INVESTMENTS, AND MANAGERIAL FINANCE. Sounds like fun, right!?!? At least the text book this semester doesn't weight 30 pounds like my accounting book from last semester!! It's actually paper back & very light!!! Michael is meeting w/ his fantasy football league tonight for their draft while I'm in class. He's is so pumped that football season is back. All I can say is that if you want someone to do something w/ you on Sundays please give me a call...b/c I will be heading OUT of the house every Sunday afternoon while the games are on! I love sports, don't get me wrong & watch basketball & baseball, but when football is on TV it is too loud for me at home!!! LOL!

This past weekend we went to my niece's house to celebrate her daughter's 2nd birthday! We had a good time & the kids were all so cute!! At one point they found a tiny frog & played w/ it so much that I think one of its legs quit working. Eventually I got them to put him back in the grass where they found him. I hope he made it out of the yard to safety! Ha Ha!

The office is going to be quiet today...field trip today! We have so many new people we put together two trips out to the field to see a drill site and/or a frac job. We went on one when I first started w/ the company & then later got to take a helicopter trip to one of our offshore sites, which is the area that I work so I really enjoyed that! I'm glad they are all getting the chance to go out & see the's makes all the paperwork being done here more real & sometimes makes more sense after you have see the real thing! I like quiet days around here, though b/c you can get so much more work done it seems...the phone doesn't ring quite as often or people aren't coming in your office as much!

I think the coffee is dripped, so I am off to fill my cup & get to work!