Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Monday, August 15, 2005
I have finally loaded the professional pictures from our wedding to an album on my Fotki. They have been linked on our wedding site, but they won't stay on the photographer's site site forever. Before you ask, it has been cleared with her that it's alright for me to put them on Fotki. Actually, that question was asked even before I hired her.

We are still waiting on our album from her, too. Not at her fault, though but at ours. We took our time getting the pictures all together for it, but I am glad we did b/c she now has new albums that will hold twice as much as those she had before!! I can't wait to get it in! I started doing a scrapbook on my own of our wedding after we got engaged, but haven't finished that either. They take a while to put together & I haven't sat down to work on it in a while. Our first anniversary is coming up in a couple months & I'd like to have it done by that time.

I can't believe it's been almost a year already! Time has really flown by since then. Two months after we married we moved into our new house & at that same time found out his brother & my niece got engage over the Christmas holidays ~ they were also the two that caught the bouquet & the garter at our wedding!! I guess it's true whoever catches them will be the next to marry! And now already those two weddings are here! Steven & Jamie's wedding was two weeks ago & Jessica & Tommy are getting married this coming Saturday!