Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Only two more days

until my niece's wedding!

I think we're going to head up there tonight so I am going to try to get an appointment to get my hair cut right after work today. I really should have done it before Steven & Jamie's wedding, but didn't get around to it. Last night my sister-in-law, her sister, & my other niece (step-sister to the bride-to-be) came down to spend the night at my parents' house. They had to get my niece, TJ, to the airport early this morning. She is in the Marines & is going to Okinawa soon. Today I think she was flying to California; she is missing being here for the wedding by just a couple days. I don't know exactly what day she'll be going to Okinawa, but I think she'll be in Iraq after that. I don't think she is going to be able to come home for two years after leaving today so I know it must be so hard on my sister-in-law saying goodbye this morning. Mother called me after they left & I asked how they were all doing. She said they seemed to be holding up very well.

Thankfully Shirley (SIL) has a lot to keep her busy both mentally & physically w/ the wedding this weekend. And honestly, in that household, there is always so much going on there is no time for anyone to sit & dwell on things too much!!!! There are anywhere from 3 to 12 people in & out of the house at any one time! There are five still living at home...not counting Jessica, who'll be moving out after Saturday & the oldest son comes & goes so that's seven, two married (with five kiddos between them) that makes nine, and one in the marines...that's ten children if they were all still living there. Most of them are there a lot of the time anyway!! Actually, there would be eleven, but Shriley's oldest son past away a few years ago in a motorcycle accident. And besides the kids, their friends are always there, too. Everytime I go there are several kids that I don't know & just assume it's another "adopted" child that has moved in for the weekend, week, or maybe for the month! LOL! It's crazy...and so much fun! They are a great family!

Well...if I don't get my work finished today (since I am off tomorrow) I won't be able to get out of here on time in case I get a hair appointment this afternoon!

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