Only 4.5 more pounds to my halfway point!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005
The Commit to Get Fit program is over & today was our final "meeting". I have lost 23.5 pounds so far...that's 43% of my total goal!!!

They also re-measured me again to see how many inches were lost. After they recalculate my body fat percentage they'll email me the results & I'll update it here. On average, though, it looks like I have lost about three inches in most areas. I am not real sure, though. I actually thought it was more than that b/c so many of my clothes are fitting so differently. Things that were snug I can wear great; things that were a tiny bit loose are baggy! I think the biggest difference is in my rear-end & my torso. I can tell a difference in my arms, legs, & even my face, but not as much as my waist & buttocks!!!

I am very pleased, though. Even though the program is over, they are going to still track progress for those who want them to. I haven't decided 100% if I am going to do that or just do it on my own, though. I'll see how things progress maybe! It would definitely be just that much more motivation, though to know that I have a weight/measure-in coming every month to keep me on track!!!