It's on its way...finally!!!

Monday, August 29, 2005
I just checked my order:
CAN DIGITALREBEL Canon Digital Rebel Digital Camera
Qty: 1 Ordered: 08/29/2005 Qty: 1 Shipped: 08/30/05

I am finally getting my new camera ~ it will be here tomorrow!!!

There are several new ones w/ more megapixels out right now and yes, I know this one is the older one...but I couldn't beat the price & it's the first of the digital SLRs & I have wanted this camera forever!! Since it first came out. I have the Canon EOS Rebel X (film) & two lenses for it, which will fit the digital & I have the Powershot S30 (Apparently there aren't similar reviews for film cameras...I guess they aren't as popular or something!).

I used my dad's Minolta when I was in college; I was an Art Minor and studied photography there. Other than that, though I have always used Canon & have been very happy w/ both of my cameras! I think I will most probably always buy Canon.

When I graduated I set up a darkroom (which I am currently selling) b/c I was only using film. Since I have gone digital, though I don't use the film nearly as much & when I do don't use the type of film that I can develop & print myself. I will keep my film camera, of course!

Now I am anxious for tomorrow to get here!!!!