I got my camera! I got my camera!!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Granted I had to drive over the FedEx sort facility last night to pick it up b/c it required a signature, but nonetheless, I got it!

I must say, too, that finding this place last night was an adventure in itself! I looked it up on Google Maps last night (which is an awesome map site) & instead of getting the driving directions, I saw the road the place was on & thought I knew exactly how to get there. Ummm...I was wrong!! Where I thought this road was turned out not to be right & the road to get there didn't go all the way through from our side of town like I thought it did. So, after driving in circles for an hour and a half - yes, an hour and a half, I finally found the place just as I had decided to give up & let them attempt to deliver it again today. I was just going to go home a little early to make sure I was home when they came by!

But...we found the place & I got my camera so all is good! I can't wait to try it out this weekend! I played w/ it a little bit last night, though.


Well, I started this post early this morning, but have been so busy since then I hadn't finished it. Actually, I'm still very busy & I won't be here tomorrow so I need to get it all finished before I leave today...oh, I won't be in here Monday either since it's Labor Day! So...have a great holiday weekend!